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#qotd - It is said that shaving creates a mindset for having a productive/successful day ahead! Have you shaved this morning? Let us know! 😁


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Foamy Shave Foam features a Comfort Glide Formula™ and a rich, citrus-scented lather that spreads easily and rinses clean for that Foamy shave men have enjoyed for generations. Simple. Honest. Classic. That’s the Gillette Foamy shave.
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I have been using Pantene 3MM conditioner for more than half year. It not only strengthens my inner core hair, it makes my hair shine and smooth eventhough I iron my hair almost everyday.
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I've been coloring my hair a lot especially it is heavily bleached. To tell you the truth I have been using Pantene's Damage Care & I've never been happier. The 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner is my fave especially because it has help strengthen my hair with all that I've done to it. Don't miss out also & be a part of the #ConfidenceSquad because they have a giveaway on LINE so go join & win yourself goodies💖


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