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OSLO, NORWAY! We'll play #OyaFestival tomorrow (8/14) at #CrossroadsClub .

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Enjoying some minutes in the sun at @oyafestival before a @nrkp13 Interview. Was my fourth day of sun the entire summer.. Concentrating really hard to save the beams in my skin.
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We made it!! Oya! Oya! Oya! #oyafestival #norway #tjrtour


We give all Praise to Olodumare and Ifa, The Creator and Director of our life. We thank them for all the direction that they have given to us that has led us to this very place and time in our lives where our Egun, our Egbe and the Irunmole and Orisha surrounds our lives. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every one that came out in the cold to be a part and support the OYA festival/Marketplace. Each and everyone that was there helped to create the wonderful energy and environment that was Sunday at Ile Osa Kanran Temple. #thankyou #blessed #Oya #oyafestival
Special Thanks to All the poets that helped to bring about a wonderful energy of love and unity through the Ase that is placed in their mouths. We most importantly Pay Homage to the spirit of the Wind OYA. And thank her for blowing that breeze that brought us all together for a very wonderful and memorable day. We pray that the blessings of Olodumare will continue to fill your lives as Oya continues to blow her breeze of positive change into your lives. May the blessings of Sunday continue to multiple for us all that may we all continue to be guided and protected by those who came before us and the benevolent forces that have been placed around us. We pray we all find the right balance that will help us to reach our highest destiny and divine purpose in this life. IFA YOGBE WA O/ MAY IFA BLESS US ALL. ASE.
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They're playing live at @theLexingtonlondon on Wednesday night – we caught up with Norway's fresh new pop-punk outfit @slotfaceofficial ahead of their highly praised performance at @oyafestivalen earlier in the summer. Head to our site to read @andrewtrendell's interview.

@Highasakite @oyafestival 8/12/16 Was so happy I was there to see this great band headline their hometown festival..they killed it can't wait for them to do it again tonight in my home country! #highasakite #øyafestivalen #oyafestival #latergram

God dag til et Oslo badet i sol☀️🏢🏢🏢

Throwback til Hi-Fi-klubben, Øya 2016🙋🎉🍺

Great shot from @lushbandofficial at @oyafestivalen // 🔦 LD Bryan Leitch // Operator Francis Clegg // 📷 Ihne Pederson

#tbt when Nils Bech did a secret, midnight concert at #Oyafestival last week 😍

Another shot from the @eodmofficial set @oyafestivalen Oslo. The rain stopped just as they started playing. 🌤 @fatherbadass @itookthisphoto

Kvelertak avsluttet Øyafestivalen 2016 med lyden av norske folketoner.... og litt metall
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Takk for i år @oyafestivalen, Tøyen og Oslo! #øya2016 #oslove #oyafestival Sees i 2017🤘

Grace Jones closing up Oya 2016. What a week it's been... #oyafestival #oslo #norway #gracejones

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