This picture seemed appropriate for this weekend, probably just because there’s a big vintage looking wooden flag for a background. 😏
-Remember- those that gave their lives for our rights and freedoms. They bled for our livelihood, they and their families sacrificed for ours.
See the past is often times associated with awful memories we all want to survive and forget, but we do a disservice to ourselves and everyone if that is our attitude. Our past has made, shaped, molded and grown us as a nation, as people, as individuals. We have these holidays set up to celebrate things like love, Christ’s birth and resurrection, memorials, but truly we should be living everyday loving, remembering, glorifying.
Also no, he’s not supposed to be sitting there playing with that stuff.
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Diferentes matérias somadas são a essência do chão a caminhar.
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there is no FORCE more POWERFUL
than a WOMAN determined to RISE ✨
[btw if you're talking behind my back you're in a good position to 💋 my 🍑]
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A princess moment 👑
Wearing @maisonfifichachnil
This was still one of my favorite lingerie moment in my native Paris.
I grew up seeing the beautiful lingerie designs by Mademoiselle FiFi and being able to interview her and be fitted in this glorious sheer gown remains a highlight of my “modeling career. “ I always feel weird about calling myself a model, because I didn’t follow the classic route of being agency represented, being only 5’7 tall, not in my 20s and fuller figured. But these are also the qualities that have allowed me stand out in whatever I decide to do and essentially pave my own way.
Always remember to Own Who You Are and be You Queens!
🎥 @jasonkamimuraphotography

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DAY 4 of the 7 day WARRIOR WOMAN CHALLENGE from beautiful @nicky_clinch

My name is Frauke and I take a stand to declare that I wish to be truly nourished in my life and by my life in mind, body, heart and soul. •
What truly makes my heart sing:
water from in- and outside.
ending the shower with cold water.
fresh, healthy food prepared with love.
self love.
feeling loved.
a beautiful home with good vibrations.
spending time with friends.
spending time with my brother.
enough sleep.
living my own rhythm.
me time.
walking or hiking barefoot.
create something with my hands.
body care.
getting input that lifts me up, inspires me and makes me transform into my true version.
special films or theatre.
to laugh and cry together.
mindful sex.
financial independence.

How I nourished me today...
I started this morning with a second long nap after breakfast. This was really necessary. But then I struggled a little bit with my not really existing „to do“ list.
I phoned a very good friend.
When I was already very hungry, I asked my body what he really needs.
My body wanted to be nourished by something green and fresh, red lentils and something earthy. I did not buy any food, would have taken too much time 😋 and I love to use the food I already have. So I created this buckwheat pancakes, lentil hummus with black sesame, roasted green asparagus, yogurt and a salad with cucumbers, parsley, arugula and red cabbage. dressing: ume su, apple vinegar and olive oil.
It was very nourishing indeed. And I had fun making a nice picture. I used my new overhead tripod. It worked quite well. •
A lot of the list I wrote above, is already in my life. As I am „working“ a lot on my inner transformation, I am sure that I will integrate all the nourishing things into my life. Step by step. I am grateful for all the good teachers and inspirations that find me. And I feel really gifted. •
With love to all of you,
Frauke ❤️

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Three years ago today I hit a new bottom in my life. Just broke up with my guy of 3yrs, gained 20lbs, had to move home and was drinking and still smoking to fix my problems. That night I was arrested. After all the crazy things I had done in my past under the influence, I'd have to say my luck at 29 had finally ran out. I went to LA county and got the shock of a lifetime of where I was going if I continued feeling sorry for myself and blaming others for my mistakes.
Since then I had been in an original band writing my own music, met the cover band I'm in today @deadringerrocks , lost all together 30lbs, and fighting with my issues to find my happiness. 2018 has been an incredibly hard an long road and I'm not in the place I was hoping to be mentally and emotionally at 33, but looking at the picture from the right to the left, that night helped me to cope better with what I have happening today positively. People say that lame line "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". well it's funny when you look back on your past and see what you did to fix it to realize maybe you are stronger for what you've been through. Time to keep going and make 33 end right... Bc this can't be how life is forever. If I can get through that, I'll find a way to get through 2018. #rockerchick #singer #girlswithpiercings #memories #knowingwhatiknownow #beforeandafter #3yearsago #aressted #poorchoices #ownwhoyouare #change

Having the right mindset is the key👌🏻

⚔️ Feira Romana ⚔️
Invejosos dirão que naquele tempo não se comia pão com chouriço e queijo acompanhado por sangria 🍹 mas ninguém quer saber da opinião dos invejosos 😂😂😂

When you're rockin' your Norma Bates dress at downtown Friday at Main Street Vero B94.7 Fresh Country!!! Come Say Heeey ✌💋🔥
#OwnWhoYOUAre #GoBigOrGoHome

Own your shit & be proud. Be proud of what you built & all that you can do. Fuck the rest & what they think. Cancel out the noise. Focus on you. Be better than the person you were yesterday & be proud 🔥👊

✨ MY OWN LIFE LESSONS: Negative thoughts ✨ 🔸Have you being haunted by negative thoughts when you are at your happiest?!🔸 Have you ever had this weird voice in your head, that keep telling that you didn’t have the right to be so happy when you life was pretty great, because something horrible was about to happen!?! The voice would keep asking you why did you think you were allowed to be joyful when there was so many horrible things happening in the world?

It felt like weather seasons that keep going around and after a good stage a bad would come and replace it because life is supposed to be like that: happy stage / bad stage / happy stage / bad stage etc etc !
Well, that used to happened to me quite frequently!
One day I would be super excited about life but then the voice would come and try to knock me out of my happy ride! And even when I had all the reasons to be happy I would start stressing and all the positivity would be replaced by fear!
I remember a certain episode that happened a while ago that I keep revisiting because I want to analyse myself and how wrong my mind set was!

During a stage where everything was going so well in my life, literally I was living the dream, I got a call from my mum! (Well it helps to say that my mum doesn’t call very often as she relies on me to call her). And this was what went on in my brain... the voice started to talk and automatically said: “OMG why is she calling? Is everything ok? I don’t think I can’t handle any bad news! Maybe I should seat down before I pick up! And if I just let it ring? Maybe I only need to really worry if she tries to call a second time.... maybe I should just text her?! #Emmaolmi #lifecoach #resilience #enhancinglives #dreamer #live #motivation #positiveenergy #shine #happiness #takerisks #abundance #achieveyourdreams #transformation #empowering #uncoveryourpassion #liveinthemoment #selflovejourney #purpose #lifetransformer #warriorspirit #abundancemindset #grateful #selfacceptance #heartopener
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