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Visiting the great outdoors is a way I clear my mind and gather my thoughts. #outside#educated #fun #funny #swing #porch #artistic #astetic

It’s been a gloomy day, it makes me feel like this: 😞 so let me brighten your feed with this beauty. Found on my fav new place to walk 💛. Breathing well, inhaling has been a struggle ALL day long and movement is 50/50 whether it’ll be painful or not. So, to ease my wallowing I stopped for wine (to hopefully ease some pain, first time I’ve drank on a weekday in a very long time) some cute new shoes and a new shirt. I might read my fav magazine tonight and I have some beer battered cod and veggie noodle fettuccine going for dinner. Eating/drinking myself into a better mood I don’t feel bad about it one bit (maybe one little bit) but I can’t workout because I’m afraid to breathe deep! What do you do when you’re feeling down or as I like to say “wallowing”? Let me hear it so I don’t feel so bad about my habits!! Comment 👇🏽


Enjoy the sun ☀️ and study at the Lachine Canal 😊 in good company 😘 #montréal #canallachine #study #sun #outside #beautifulday #nike #enjoy #happyday #happygirl

Beautiful roses with bright colors make my day so much better....these were taken this afternoon 😊

Some nice hikers emailed me these pics since my phone died yesterday.

Na łonie natury 😂 #chill #outside

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