This beauty. This city. I love it all.

If there’s no one beside you when your soul embarks, then I’ll follow you into the dark.

So we’re finally back in Tampa... and I am gettin ALL the snuggles from my amazing fur babe. Meanwhile... my cat is staring at me from across the room... intensely judging me for leaving them for so long. 🤨 Thankfully, I think he will forgive me once he gets his next serving of food. 😂

Talking about some of my favorite wedding trends in Ocala Magazine this month! All about the candid moments, bridal details, and veil shots 💗
Link to article in bio!

One of my favorite color combinations has always been aqua and blush. What's the color scheme for your wedding details?

I’m pursuing my *actual* dream job! During every wedding, I'm either smiling ear to ear or trying to hold back tears during toasts. I love becoming friends with each of my couples and their families. I want to do this forever. 💛

It’s a snuggling kind of night! Double tap if you agree! ❤️

So. Much. Love. What a spectacular couple!😍

“Cake!!!” It’s literally what goes on in my head when I see one as sweet as this on a wedding day. Jade and Brett’s Bok Tower Celebration was truly sweet through and through. #carolinemaxcyphotographyweddings #carolinemaxcyphotographyfilm

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