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When I started college in August, I decided to take a little break from work to adjust to college life (or should I say #rollinslife ? 😉). It was a VERY long semester without my cameras in hand, so over winter break I made a new game plan, picked my camera back up, and am finally back on the road to where I wanna be. I've got some seriously big things planned (keep an eye out for some crazy cool new stuff!), and I can't wait to share it with all of you!! First stop on the road back to business: @sydneyymarie‘s #captionandcreate workshop this Thursday! ♡

I’m not even kidding when I tell you, I can’t wipe the smile off my face as I edit Amy & Jeremy’s wedding! Amy’s face was lit up brighter than the sun the entire day! #happiestbridever
Hair & Makeup: @morganmccullers
Dress: @davidsbridal
Flowers: Kelley’s Florist

So lucky we got to finish off 2017 watching the sun setting over the waters of Miami. #MathesonHammock

A mother daughter wedding day moment. ❤️
My husband and I have found ourselves on a “would you rather” game kick recently. It all started when trying to get creative on a date night spent at home instead of out and about. With a quick Pinterest search for ideas I found a ridiculously long list of “would you rather” questions for couples and proceeded to spend the next hour or so learning surprising things about one another, seeing how well we could guess each other’s answers and laughing our way through it all. (We enjoyed it so much that I decided to include a list of questions in my Valentine’s Day gifts to my wedding clients from the past year for fun.) ..
One of the most memorable questions was “Would you rather your family be proud of you but the public think you are a horrible person or the public be proud of you but your family think you are a horrible person?” Both of our answers were hands down we’d want our family to think the best of us. Our reasoning was, they see us for who we really are. They see who we are behind closed doors and in quiet conversations, in joy and pain and grief and sorrow, when our emotions try to get the best of us, when we have to make hard decisions that others may not understand. It may be easy to keep up a facade for the general public, our instagram followers or the person sitting next to us in church on Sunday but our family knows our hearts as well as anyone on this planet may be able too. And while our testimony of God’s work in our lives is important to portray to the public it’s our families and those closest to us who we are called to first and foremost. (1 Timothy 5:4) They’ve been entrusted to us and we’ve been entrusted to them. ..
So these special moments on a wedding day between a proud and adoring mother and her daughter get me every time. This momma held these hands the day her daughter was born (and I’m sure marveled at their perfection) and today she holds them again preparing her heart to give them away in marriage. A mother’s pride is the sweetest of gifts. ❤️

Blush is a timeless wedding color and timeless is how Leah of Leah Langley Photography describes her photography style.

See more from this Orlando wedding photographer at @leahlangley
Florist: @cdcfloral / Chairs: @achairaffair

Elegance. Grace. Compassion. Service. Loveliness.

#thatfirstmoment the stars align and everything falls into place. 💍

So much sweet love from this weekend ♥️

A little perk of being my wedding client is you get a cool linen bag like this one 🎉🙋🏻🎁
#lovespoilingmycouples #luxuryclientexperience

We have a super amazing and thrilling and scary and terrifying and SO FREAKING EXCITING announcement that we'll be making on Friday! 😍😍😍 some of you know what it is, so don't spoil it! 😘

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