Who'd have known that one of the major issues on an expedition is thinking the other fella has the bigger flapjack...

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Happy hump day! So today I thought I would give you a little travel tip for any upcoming trips you may have!
TREAT YOURSELF!! I cannot stress this enough. Everyday you live a balanced and clean lifestyle. You cheat occasionally but for the most part your everyday eating habits are more or less the same. When you go on a vacation, do yourself a favor and enjoy! Traveling is a temporary couple days of your life and nothing is going to ruin a memory more then not allowing yourself to try the different foods because you restricted yourself. Just relax, enjoy, and treat yourself to whatever! This past weekend I was in New York City and I had all the pizza, pasta, and sweets I wanted and I have zero regrets. Of course I came home craving my food and gym and felt a little water retention but I’m already on day two of my clean eating and I’m starting to feel normal again. Moral of the story, just enjoy and let yourself eat whenever your craving, healthy or not!
This weekend I also had the advantage because everyday I walked about 7 miles so yes I was technically still doing exercise and usually I still gym on vacation because that’s just me but if you don’t it’s ok... still treat yourself !!! 🍕🍝🍫 #nyc

Don't get sucked in on fad diets, slimming pills, magic coffee and all that bullshit.
A bit of dedication, the right nutrition, losing weight should not feel like a diet or a chore. Yes some days will be harder than others, yes there will be foods you will need to cut out or cut back on but its all about balance, learning about foods and how to fuel your body correctly and making sure its maintainable. Small changes lead to big results and also long lasting results. Your body will benefit from the changes so much longterm giving you a better quality of life.
These fad diets, may seem like a quick easy fix but they aren't maintainable, they aren't providing your body with the right macro & micronutrients, they don't teach you how to continue healthy choices to maintain a healthy lifestyle and more likely lead you to binge, undo any hard work so you'll end up back at the starting point.
Get in touch if you want some more information on how to improve your lifestyle, no tricks, no fad diets etc.
6 week better bodies programme
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“the science of today, is the technology of tomorrow.”
The Scientific Revolution was a historical event in time when brilliant minds like Galileo and Isaac Newton made advancements that would change the world forever.
The Scientific Revolution occurred in the late 17th Century. Until then, advancements of any kind were SO far and few between. People were taught things that were false, and they believed it to be true because they just didn’t know any better. This false information, and the lack of curiosity is what kept the human race from advancing.
The second the law of gravity, the law of motion, and advanced mathematics were discovered, it was game over. We went from taking centuries to make advancements, to making ground breaking advancements every single day.
Be your own revolution.
Be curious.
Be eager to learn.
Be the person who absorbs knowledge and flips it into progress, flips it into another advancement.
🙏🏼I am grateful for what I have learned, and I am ready to keep passionately learning.
This clean bulk will be next level.
Quote me.

Indulge a little on 1/2 Price Wine Night!

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Happy anniversary! Coffee for me and wine for @thefitmac Gotta keep it lean! 🤷🏼‍♀️ the coffee is incredible so I’m just fine! 😜😜 happy Friday everyone!! #thefitmac #mrsfitmac #thefitmacnation #keepitfeminine #npcbikini #npcfigure #npcwomansphysique #npcnewsonline #5years #anniversary #coffee #wine #competitionprep #onlinetraining #personaltraining

☺️Et glædeligt gensyn med min tidligere klient, Rikke, der ændrede sin livsstil fuldstændigt. Som alenemor med et fuldstidsjob og to børn, så fik hun alligevel mast træning og sund mad ind i programmet. Mega flot gået af Rikke 💯🔥 PS: Husk at følge @_fischerfitness_ hvis du gerne vil inspireres både ift. træning og kost 💪🏻💯⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
💻Er du interesseret i kost- og træningsforløb skræddersyet til dig, så send mig en DM eller en mail, og vi tager en uforpligtende snak.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
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Learn the behaviors or habits that are sabotaging your efforts. Change starts in your mind.

Putting the power in your macros can be the biggest challenge. Sign up for 90 days and be amazed. Get Master Trainer, Kathy Dolan’s 90 Day Transformation . All you need is a few pairs of Dumbells and a set of Body Bands, and the desire to attain your goals. ! Link in bio schedule TODAY! .

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I am currently taking on new clients for online training. Come and join the I Am Her Athletics Coaching team!
I can help you with
💥fat loss
💥 strength and endurance training
💥fat recomposition
💥muscle gain 💥off season plans 💥 Cardiovascular training .
For the online coaching it includes: -
💥Personalised diet and training plans
💥Supplement advice
💥Weekly check-in and amendedment to plans if needed.
💥24/7 WhatsApp and email support .
Diffrent packages avaliable so please don't hesitate go get in touch! .
Let me help you achieve your goal.

When a client asks if you've tried the exercise the your demonstrating for them....⠀

When a client asks if/when you workout.....⠀

When a client asks if they can switch their workout time.....⠀

When a client asks for a water break......⠀

📸: @smzzurp

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Abs class tomorrow 6:30pm - MAKE SURE YOU’RE THERE 😅🏋🏼‍♂️💪🏼

🎁My training program is based in helping my people achieve the results they purchased.
It is important to me that I honor the agreement between my client & myself, of providing the results they expect from their purchase. Not everyone reaches that goal. & I take ownership of those failures. I understand I cant “Make” someone eat the meals or come to the workouts. But, it is my responsibility to use my resources & expertise to inspire my clients to do their part. 🎥 In this video, I try to emphasize what I believe is the #1 factor in determining success or failure to achievement of fitness goals:
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Yesterday I had about 45 minutes to complete my workout, but I still got it done and I’m very sore today. Weeks like this (bio exam/everything seems to be due) are hard on my mental game, especially during this bulk. I wanted to get a solid hour+ workout in, but that’s just what happens when you need to balance school, fitness, and a social life. Yesterday I probably studied for 10 hours straight and i had my macro cap at 11:55 pm because i was so focused on studying. But I still got it in and that’s the mindset I’ve learned to take on. I have a terrible appetite but if i’m going to put on muscle, I need to be in a caloric surplus and eat a ton more than what i would if i didn’t remind myself. -
This bulk has not been easy because it came at a time where i moved to a new state/school, got a new job, i’m trying to grow a business, keep up with my youtube (still trying to find time for that haha), just moved again and i’m still trying to meet people. But i’ve pushed through. I have goals in my mind and I’m not going to let anything stop me. If i have to eat at 11:55 pm just to get my macros in, i will because i need the macros to properly reach my goals. The bulk was off to a slow start, but now i’m starting to feel a little heavier (up about 4-5 pounds now) and i’m definitely feeling stronger. Yes, some days I have bad body image days but I just have to remind myself that i’m in a time of growth and that i should be proud of what my body is capable of and not that my leggings are tighter (BECAUSE THATS WHAT I WANT TO ACCOMPLISH🔥🎉). So remind yourself of your goals and decide if you are really willing to push yourself to reach them or if you will just fall off track again 💕💕 #digforyourgoals

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