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Don't lift heavy , you will look like a man 😂
This image is of a girl lifting for the past 5 years consistently and plans to do that forever 💪🏋️‍♀️
These are both from the same day , flexed and non flexed.

I am now taking clients for the month of December for meals and training plans. Send me an e mail to simrtlifts@gmail.com

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One (out of 6) giant sets for delts with @markanthonyflex and @matt_maldo_ at EOS Gym Palm Springs (Mark’s last depletion workout) #milossarcev #ferrignolegacy2017 #bodybuilding #contestprep #onlinecoaching #ifbbproleague

Express your thankfulness for everything you have in your life. I'm so grateful for for my family, life & everyone that i have in my life. I'm also so thankful for all of you who support me on Instagram 💯 -

I hope everyone has a blessed day enjoying with your families! Happy thanksgiving 🐔🍴

Black Friday is not a reason to skip the gym. Work done with @s_gashi 👌💪
Black Friday...Wer denkt da schon an Trainingspause? Wir nicht! Gute Arbeit heute wieder, the pace is great keep going @s_gashi 🙌💪

Repost from @dymatize using @RepostRegramApp - Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! To show our appreciation we're giving away another exclusive @dymatizeprewo Early Access Kit (as seen on story) including a Dymatize hat, funnel, ISO100 Sample and a full size tub of the newest flavor of PreWO Chilled Fruit Fusion! To enter:
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OFFICIAL “my website is online “ thanks to @megan_media 😘
Photo credit @markzfotografie
Please take a look www.markschadenberg.nl
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Try this shoulder exercise!! 👇🏼
Take a V-Bar and attach it to a low cable pulley. With a reverse grip, grasp the V-Bar and bring the bar straight up. This exercise will engage your medial and anterior deltoids. I actually found it to hit more anterior especially when I’d squeeze at the contraction point.


Afternoon treat: frozen strawberry and raspberry smoothie, topped with whipped white cheese. Love it! 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓
My youngest added crispy cereals to it, I had it just like this, with some roasted nuts on the side 😎.

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$75 programs on SALE for $40!
Y'all know summer bodies are made in the winter, so train with me! 💪🏼🔥🍑
DM or Snap for more details ❤️

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If your inbox is anything like mine today, you’ll be sick of Black Friday deals 🤢
🚫 Now I don’t believe in discounting my coaching. It devalues what I do.
I want to work with people who are committed to what they want to achieve, improving their health, losing body fat, getting in great shape and feeling amazing 😆
By offering discounts, I risk attracting people who are after bargains, short cuts, or cheap, quick fixes - this wouldn’t be good for me or them, as they probably wouldn’t get results and it would leave us both feeling frustrated and unhappy
So to give you something for Black Friday, here’s what I will do:
🎁 I will give you half an hour of my time, absolutely FREE, to help you with your nutrition, training, health, weight loss, body shape... whatever you want to achieve
To claim this, all you have to do, is DM me on here, or email info@coachrimmer.com and let me know:
1️⃣ Exactly what you want to achieve (the clearer you are on this, the more help I can give you)
2️⃣ What is your biggest frustration
3️⃣ What you feel you need most help with right now
Drop me a message and let’s get you heading in the right direction again 👍🏻
📧 info@coachrimmer.com
🌍 www.coachrimmer.com
📥 Blog-Mail: link in bio
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What is the single, most IMPORTANT thing you should be investing your money in today? 👉🏼 YOU. 🖤 The clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, and everything else are all great but they pale in comparison to your health. It’s time to get your body and mind right so let me help you build a bangin bod 💥 and the pride, confidence and self-love to go along with it 💕 I’m offering 2️⃣0️⃣% off ALL of my #training and #nutrition coaching services ALL. WEEKEND. LONG! Head on over to alyssaverley.com/coaching to sign up today and enter coupon code ▪️ BLACK ▪️ at checkout for your savings 💰 Spend this weekend feasting on #Thanksgiving leftovers and come Monday, let’s get started building the best you! 👊🏼 #blackfriday #onlinecoaching
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Sumo deadlifts top set 335x10
Romanian deadlifts 295x2x10
Plate loaded rows 3x10
Cable wide grip shrugs (bars were taken, used this to replace snatch grip today)
Weighted hypers 3x8
Abs 3x15

we’ve launched and published our latest book- ‘Prep With Hodgsons, A Journey to the Stage’
It’s our 19 week journey to the stage before the British finals.

We wanted to launch this straight after the show as we had a majority of it written but truth be told weren’t mentally in the right place to do so.

Which lead us to hold this back, but we’ve cleaned it up and decided to publish it to give people an insight into what it's like to get ready for a show with our fresh mindset.

After being reached out by a few on social media for help with prep we want people to know what it’s like because it’s not as simple as training and being a bit stricter with your diet there’s so much more to it.

The mindset side of things is so important because we believe that the world of bodybuilding has a lot to offer but you need to have the right mindset from the start.

Please have a read to see what it’s like. And we would love your feedback.
For us we know it may never become a bestseller as we don’t have a big bodybuilding following but we think that bodybuilding is no different to any other sport in that you need to apply yourself and stay committed so we are sure many will relate to it.

So excited to have this out in the world!
Link to buy this is in the Comments- Kindle and paperback available.

Will put UK links, for our US and other buddies please search ‘Prep, With the Hodgsons’ on Amazon and you’ll find it.
Please do download the Kindle version and give us a 5-star review, this book is very us, so has the odd swear word and may have a few grammatical errors
Elly has already spoken about her struggles with this prep and this gives you a 'behind the scenes' insight into her with the highs and the lows behind prepping for the biggest stage in amateur bodybuilding in Britain alongside being parents and running a successful business.
We want to say a huge thank you to our friends, and family who have been there for us throughout the writing editing and publishing of this book.We couldn’t do it without you
And also our loyal amazing clients
Link in our personal bio

Black Friday guns special now on my YouTube channel @📽💪 LINK I BIO ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ #trainedbylagermand #onlyapprovedathlete #personeltrainer #onlinecoaching #biceps #triceps #fitandforty #takeaction @teamlagermand @onlyapproved

Woohoo, finally I am up to 2 unassisted chin ups! It may have been struggle city, but I did it without momentum! Next up, make them smooth like butta. 😎 .
What helps me in any back exercise is thinking of pulling the shoulder blades down and back before beginning (pull them into the back pockets as @coach_jvb Used to tell me). You really have to think of that mind muscle connection to turn “on” the back muscles and prevent the biceps from initiating the movement. Otherwise you will not only not be able to pull yourself up, but your arms will be tired before your back throughout the rest of your sets.
Ladies, how many unassisted Chin ups or pull ups can you do? 💪🏻🔥

Black Fridays here guys!! I am offering a one time only 50% discount on my one on one coaching until Monday 11/27! Get one for yourself or a loved one. This will also include 3 of my favorite smoothie recipes that I have been having every morning!

Also!! Did you know that @1stphorm has new products?! They finally have a hair and skin product that I will defffff be trying out🙌🏽 plus a new protein flavor! Check out all of their new gear today plus free shipping with the link in my bio!

truggling with lean mass gains?

Alot of people are focussed on fat loss this time of the year, but those that aren't and have a goal to get bigger read on 😉

You need to up your carbs and protein and reduce the fat intake. Still keep the fats in but just lower the amounts.

Focus on pre, intra and post workout nutrition and this is where you'll grow. The nutrition around these times are imperative for growth and recovery.

If you have the correct intra workout nutrition you don't need to eat for around 1hr after weights. Have a banana directly after but allow 1hr after to eat. You want hi glycemic carbs like white rice,  pasta or bagel with easy to digest protein like fish or egg whites.
Pre workout needs to be the same style food. Have this meal around 1hr to 1.30 before a workout. White potatoes and chicken is a favourite to use.

Now intra workout seems to be a little bit of a grey area as everyone opts for an amino drink. 50g of carbs is roughly needed per hr for intense workouts. Something like Cyclic Dextrin with peptopro and creatine is great plus you won't need a pre workout due to the energy and focus you get 👍

Get these 3 important timings correct, and you will grow 💪

Unsure of what to use or when? Leave a comment and I'll get back to you

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What supplements should not be taken together?
Take no more than 500 to 1,000 mg of vitamin C at one time. When taking either calcium or magnesium separately, limit each dose to 500 mg. 1 about taking them together.) Most water-soluble vitamins (eg., B-complex and C) and minerals do not stay in the blood stream for more than a few hours.
مکمل‌هایی که نباید همزمان با هم مصرف شوند:

۱. کلسیم، روی + منیزیم

کلیسم جذب روی و منیزیم را متوقف می‌کند بنابراین نباید همزمان صرف شوند. شاید شما بگوید که ما کلسیم مصرف نمی‌کنیم پس این مطلب به ما چه ربطی دارد. اما حقیقت این است همه پروتئین وی، پروتئین سویا و پروتئین شیر موجود در بازار حدود ۱۰۰ تا ۲۰۰ میلی گرم در هر هر وعده مصرف کلسیم دارند و اگر آنها را با شیر مخلوط کنید حدود ۵۰۰ میلی گرم کلسیم به دست می‌اید. پس بهتر است هنگام صرف آخرین وعده پروتئین قبل از خواب از مصرف روی و منیزیم خودداری کنید.

برای حل این موضوع می توانید ۱ الی ۲ ساعت قبل از خواب وعده پروتئینی را صرف کنید یا پروتئین تخم مرغ را جایگزین پروتئین وی کنید. پروتئین تخم مرغ فاقد هرگونه کلیسیم است. پس می‌توانید پروتئین تخم مرغ را با خیال راحت با آب یا آب میوه صرف کرده و پس از گذشت ۱۰ الی ۱۵ دقیقه قرص روی و منیزیم را مصرف کنید.

۲. کراتین + ال گلوتامین

شما نباید کراتین و گلوتامین را با هم مصرف کنید زیرا این دو مکمل به حامل‌ها و ناقل‌های یکسانی در بدن وابسته هستند. زمانی‌ که این دو مکمل با هم مصرف شوند برای وصل شدن با حامل‌ها به رقابت می‌پردازند و یکی برنده شده و دیگری بازنده می‌شوند.

راه حل: شما به سادگی می‌توانید با فاصله زمانی ۲ ساعت این دو مکمل را مصرف کنید. بسیاری از بدنسازها قبل از تمرین و قبل از خواب ال-گلوتامین و کراتین را در صبح و بعد از تمرین مصرف می‌کنند. با این روش به بدن فرصت کافی داده می‌شود تا هر مکمل به طور جداگانه جذب شود.

برای افرادی که بعد از صبحانه تمرین می‌کنند، اگر کراتین را فقط یک بار در روز مصرف می‌کنند باید بعد از تمرین آن را بخورند و در روزهای بدون تمرین بهتر است ۲ الی ۳ ساعت بعد از وعده صبحانه ال-گلوتامین یا ۲ الی ۳ ساعت قبل از آخرین وعده گلوتامین در روز آن را مصرف کنند.
۳. کراتین + کافئین
. ویتامین E و آهن

آهن ویتامین E را از بین می‌برد. پس نباید این دو مکمل را با هم مصرف کنید.

۵. مس و روی

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💥D I S C I P L I N E I S T H E K E Y💥

Más allá de lo que veas en redes sociales, de los consejos de tus amigos, dietas milagrosas, suplementos, etc. debes tener algo claro: solo la disciplina y la consistencia te van a dar los resultados que quieres. No sirve de nada que te mates tres horas en el gimnasio todos los días si no llevas una alimentación adecuada. O que comas medianamente bien entre semana si el fin de semana abusas de el alcohol y las grasas.
Esta industria (fitness) está llena de mentiras, engaños, falsas promesas y mil cosas negativas.
Pero por suerte, el potencial, la disciplina, el amor propio, la voluntad y todas las buenas cosas que te llevan al éxito están en tu interior.
¡Feliz viernes para todos! #Team1life2fit

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Not sure what supplements suit your goals? Shoot me or @zrunns a DM, we will help you out! 📬
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Daily reading and who's this I see here @mike_34_smith? This you? lol #famousfriends

Success for an athlete follows many years of hard work and dedication.⠀
Michael Diamond⠀
If you give up, you let your hard work go to waste yourself.⠀
Don't forget the sum of your small efforts make you success.⠀
Trust yourself! ⠀
ONE more STEP! ONE more REP! ONE more SEC!⠀

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