It all started right here on this porch. The best growers walked up this porch and real people in the game of cannabis today that grow and own there names jumped of this porch. I jumped off this porch and got my ass kicked and I kicked ass from this porch. I had amazing sex on this porch with some of the hottest girls you follow. I fried my brain on this porch with the best acid/shrooms/mol/peyote/dmt/opium And this porch housed so many mothers fuckers and learned a lot ON THIS PORCH!!! So when you hear me talk and tell my stories about my life and the amazing people I met In my life and the shit I been threw just know Im always HAPPY to tell you stories and love all of you and just love to see you smile. Thank you porch GANG GANG THANK YOU MOM AND GRANDMA you dealed with one of the most craziest kid on this planet
#ONTHISPORCH #rickydontstop #HOMESWEETHOME #fOurthstlOcOS

#SoManyMemories #OnThisPorch
#ThisBeardIsSoonToBe #AMemory

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