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Little League World Series or Collwge World Series, which one are you never watching again? #mlblaughsqotd

There are over 7 BILLION people in the world 🌎 It is IMPOSSIBLE to please every single one of them ‼️
I had someone comment how they thought it would be easier to be authentic if people weren't so opinionated or judgmental. But the thing is, how the hell can you make it your mission to appease every SINGLE person out there? You can't! It's just not possible! Why would you tip toe around deciding whether you should be YOURSELF for fear of someone getting their panties in a knot? That's not the way to live🙅🏻But that's what you're doing every time you second guess whether you should say this, do that, post that photo or take it down immediately after you do, because you're afraid of the criticism you may get. The RIGHT people will always be attracted to the authentic YOU. Don't hide yourself from the world. Embrace it and celebrate it EVERY DAMN DAY! .
🤔Do they ask you if you have enough for your bills each month? 🤔Do they call you to make sure you got home ok? 🤔Do they check in with you if you're feeling down? .
❌Stop valuing the opinions of those who don't absolutely LOVE and ACCEPT you for YOU! When you embrace 🤗your authentic self you will always attract the right people with the right vibes 🙌🏼✨who will love you for YOU. If the rest don't like it then they're not the people you want IN your life anyways! 💁🏻TRUST ME! I was miserable on the inside for allowing myself to be swayed too long by the opinions of others.😑This is your reminder to just DO YOU BOO! Life is too short! Can I get a HELL YEAH to living authentic 🙌🏼💜
🎥Mindy Harley 👻MindyHarleyOfficial
#ownit #bunfuckwithable #authenticself

I won't lie. Some days (today especially) it's super hard for me to be motivated to want to go to the gym. Or even sometimes get out of bed. Sometimes that voice in my head says "just don't go to the gym today, who cares" and it's tempting not to listen to it, but you have to push through. Take a second. Collect your thoughts, put on your favorite playlist & get it🙏🏼 you won't get better by sitting there feeling sorry for yourself✨✨

Okay, I've lost my mind. 💰💰💰 Giving away $500 to one of my followers (must follow to win) who likes the photo + comments + tags 2 friends if Will Kassouf WINS the $25k Poker After Dark Sit'n'Go going live in about 90 mins on PokerGo!! @williamkassouf lol

Saturday august 26th presents #allwhiteparty in mid town #Omaha! UGLY DUCK! 🍾

SOLD OUT SHOW LIKE LADY GAGA ❌ (after every concert of hers I feel like I've had a rebirth to believe in myself & remember that any dream is possible. Can I come on tour with you Gaga and be your makeup artist 💁🏻) #joannetour #joanneworldtour #tour #ladygaga #ladygagaconcert #gaga #littlemonster #joanne #omaha #genderfluid #androgynous #lgbt #love #art #artist #fashion #inspire #inspiration #nyc #vegan #nebraska #soldoutshowlikeladygaga #makeup #makeupartist #mua #photography #photo #photooftheday #takemeback #happymonday


Oh the places you'll go: a little #takemebacktuesday from our adventure in Omaha #nebraska #omaha #marketplace #hiddenalleys #midwest #plants #old #alley #advebture

I could survive off pho.
#pho #foodielife #foodie #omaha #delicious

watching the eclipse with co workers yesterday 😛 #eclipse2017 #eclipse #nebraska #omaha #aaa #work #myjobisawesome

Last Hours in #Omaha #Nebraska !

How incredible it is to see our collection on such a gorgeous, talented group of models! This whole experience has been so unbelievable 😍 #omahafashionweek #fashionweek #designercollection #vanya2017 #redemption #omaha

BIG Lesson Learned Today!

1st, open new tube before you get into the shower so you can see how to remove safety seal. 👎FAILED👎

2nd, and most important for other distributors and more importantly the Thousands of Customers already using The Truescience Nrf2 Activated Skin Care Regimine. The old tube I knew had a little (VERY little) amount of the TS Facial Cleanser left inside. Not being able to get the new tube open, that very little amount left in the tube turned out to be more than enough to deep cleanse my face!!!! So, lesson learned, I don't need to use near as much as I have been using✔

#nrf2 #nrf2activation #phballanced #truescienceskincareregime #truescience #lifevantage #omaha

LIFE IS GOOD! and getting gooder😉

"I remember, we were walking up to strawberry swing. I can't wait 'til the morning. Wouldn't wanna change a thing. People moving all the time inside a perfectly straight line. Don't you wanna curve away? It's such...It's such a perfect day. It's such a perfect day. Now the sky could be blue, I don't mind. Without you it's a waste of time. Could be blue, I don't mind. Without you it's a waste of time. Could be blue, could be grey. Without you I'm just miles away."
- 🎧 "Strawberry Swing," Coldplay

I was listening to that song before and while editing this photo, and the "sky could be blue" line made me smile. I'm forever a Midwestern girl, currently landlocked, who loves the water. Yes, this was taken in Nebraska 😜

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