Exactly six months ago today I had the honor of being part of the purest, most beautiful, most genuine weddings I've ever been to. Olivers, I want you to know that your wedding inspires me everyday to wait, to remain pure, to trust in God. When singledom gets tough, I remember December 12, 2016 and let the beautiful feelings of that day keep me focused. I love you both so so so much.. thank you for making me a part of your day! 👰🏻❤️🤵🏻💍 #OliversGotAllOfHer #MaidOfHonor #PerfectDay

My best friend at my other best friend's wedding 😍💕 Crazy story: God randomly gave Ana Paula a dream where she was wearing red to Cleo's wedding.. so not only did she get her red dress, but once at the wedding we realized that she would actually have to step in last minute as a madrinha for a couple who's wife had to run to the ER. She was wearing the exact color and style of dress that was needed. Isn't it crazy that God helped out even in that? God never stops baffling us. 😍🙌🏽 #BestWedding #GodWasPresent #AndSoWereMyBestFriends #OliversGotAllOfHer #LoveYouB2

Obsessed with everything about the Oliver Wedding.. including my dress 😍💕 #CanIWearItForever? #OliversGotAllOfHer

On December 12th 2016, in front of our closest friends and family, I received a beautiful gift from God, my husband. Our wedding was more beautiful than I could have ever planned or imagined! (Thank you to both our families and the wedding party who helped to make our day unforgettable❤️) Almost two days later I can still say that David Oliver, you don't ever cease to amaze me💘👰🏻👱🏻💍 #duquethrowsthebouquet #oliversgotallofher 📷Our Wedding Photography was done by the amazing @codykurtzphoto

She's beautiful and kind and genuine AND SHE'S MARRIED!!! OLIVER FINALLY GOT ALL OF HER! Can't believe I got to witness Cleo walk down the aisle today.. What an honor it's been being her friend and Maid of Honor. CHEERS TO CLEO AND DAVID 👰🏻💕👱🏻 #DuqueThrowsTheBouquet #IdidntCatchIt #LookHowBeautifulSheLooks #OliversGotAllOfHer #ALLofHerIfYouCatchMyDrift

Our friends helped us start wedding band shopping!💍Cannot believe it's only 4 months away😅 #DuqueThrowsTheBouquet #OliversGotAllOfHer

A huge thank you to my lovely maid of honor in (insert Bostonian accent) Boston, who planned a wedding shower for David and I before she makes her big move to LA! I loved my wedding shower, darling! Every detail! And it was so special that it was done by you and my mother❤️😭 #DuqueThrowsTheBouquet #OliversGotAllOfHer
P.s. David loves you too, like 007😂

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