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Spending time by yourself, enjoying quite times and self reflection can be gratifying and is a necessity for improvement. If you can do it outside sitting in a park while smoking a cigar that makes you look badass ...it’s even better. This was in Barcelona, Spain.

Just a man and his (friend's) dog. #MyDearWatson #PreviewOfRetirementYears #OldManInThePark

Let me get this straight, I'm not the nanny! 😁I was at the park with my son a little while ago, an old man asked me how many days have you been taking care of him and can you work for us for a couple of days? 😳Seriously😒 thanks to the good Lord I didn't 👊🏻that old man! Trying to be a good Christian you know 😅 Never mind the fact that this kid looks like me! I mean he's a better version of me but nevertheless me. I proceeded to answer the 👴🏻and said ... "well sir he is my son". As expected he was embarrassed and said oh I saw how well you were taking care of the child, usually mothers are in the phone all the time.. 🙄 sure, good way of getting out of this one old man, but I left it there and smiled like this😁 #Imnotthenanny #mixedbabies #truestory #gottolaugh🤣 #myhandsomeboy #oldmaninthepark

I'm pretty sure I'm the oldest one riding the park by at least 20 years. Had I super fun day tho. Haven't had a park day in a long time! #snowboardinglife #monfuckintana #oldmaninthepark #livelife #myhappyplace #positivity #lovesnowboarding

Selfie on the rail - gaping hard. #oldmaninthepark #gaping #imonarail #melloyelloskiing

I decided to stand on a rail for my birthday. This is an unnatural stand - felt great! Still no park for another four weeks but at least I had some metal under my skis. #melloyelloskiing #rail #gaping #thirtytwo #oldmaninthepark

Chillaxin' 😴🤘🏻🍃
#oldmaninthepark #mustbetheweed #grassupmynose

I might not be the best skater but man do I love to skate ! #standsideways #oldmaninthepark

@cypressmtn has rebuilt the old terrain park underneath the Sunrise (now called Lions) chair, and have called it the "Sunrise Retro Park". Felt compelled to dig deep into the bag of old dusty tricks and go for a lap. Brought back some good memories of wasted days with @jefftheory3 and a bunch of others I've lost touch with. #barelymadethetransition #oldmaninthepark #cypressmountainairforce 🌞🌞

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