still love this photo! make sure you see it in a gallery near you!!! #emileehudsonphoto #quartzmountain #osai40th

Sometimes you remember Quartz is over and you get real sad #qmrocks #osai40th

Throwback to this epic performance! #istolethis #qmrocks #osai40th #⭐️wars

Still nostalgic of the intense rehearsals and sunrise silhouettes #qmrocks #osai40th

I had so much fun performing at Quartz with David! Everybody was so supportive and appreciative of art, and it was incredibly humbling and inspiring. And definitely not the last time I ask David to play cello for me. #qmrocks #OSAI40th

Missing these ladies WAY too much #osai40th #qmrocks

The top photo was supposed to be our "normal" picture. Thank you all for making these two weeks BASSicly the best. #qmrocks #osai40th #osaidoublebasssection

Yo, Louis, get your life together. 🎭#qmrocks #osai40th #marieantoinette

Still in recovery mode from spending the last two weeks photographing at the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain @oaiquartz

Take me back to this purely carefree moment atop the armoire of fertility, so I can once again enjoy the hazy, magical days of camp. #qmrocks #pqd #osai40th

Today, I miss the friends I made at Quartz. I wish I could pack all 100+ of you into one picture. Everyone I met at this place was so talented and passionate about their art, and it was incredibly refreshing. Instructors and counselors like Dr. Yu taught me so much, and my peers pushed me to perform to the best of my ability every day. I'm going to miss all of you so much, but we definitely haven't seen each other for the last time!! ♥️ #qmrocks #OSAI40th

It was an honor celebrating the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute's 40th year as a student. There's no other place where I can develop at such a pace with friends and faculty under my discipline and explore other disciplines at the same time. I can't wait to audition again next year! So.... What's next? #qmrocks #osai40th #qmorchestra

Old friends, new friends, choir friends, true friends. Happy @therealgarrettlee had 2 weeks of awesome! #qmrocks #osai40th

As I lie here tonite, I can only delve into the sadness that leaving Quartz Mountain has provided. The Campus is no longing effervescent with the bustle and mystical wonderment of the 273 young artists who treaded it's grounds, eager to share their art and passion with the world. I began to settle and call the place home, and with an immediate grind, the happiness of the camp is ripped from us. But, alas, that's the wonder of the camp, leaving the camp desiring more, driving you to be better for next year. Excel in the art. Every student, instructor, and viewer in the camp build memories that will last for a lifetime. I, for one, will never forget these most spectacular two weeks of my life. The memories I made with my friends are truly irreplaceable. Whether it's watching a toad get brutally stung by a wasp or playing Dvoràk's American Quartet, I makes me want more. I can't ever forget the faculty, either. I want to give so many thanks to the three best people in the universe, Dr. McTeer, John Arnold, and Maestro Long. OSAI, I strongly recommend bringing these people back, without a doubt, 100%. You guys were amazing and helped me through the weeks. The only downside was getting Monday's food on Friday's plate, or I in the Moldau, but those compare not to my enthuiasm to go back next year and heart-wrenching 65 in Applachian Spring. Here's to next year and the memories in store and I love you guys! #qmrocks #osai40th #idontwanttoleave #fugue #putitinyourmouth #shutthatdown

Thank you Quartz Mountain for thrilling me again! Thanks for the great music, great people, and fantastic performances! And thank goodness I still have another year to enjoy it all again! #oaiquartz #osai40th #qmrocks

Thankful for the best instructor/liaison/class combination in quartz history!! I've had the honor of working with truly incredible and inspirational artists. #qmrocks #osai40th
These two weeks have allowed me to reflect on an issue that I believe should be made aware to all - the Syrian refugee crisis. More than 11 million people have been affected, yet innocent women, men, and children still continue to suffer everyday. Remember that these numbers are not just statistics; they represent real lives and real families. Please consider donating to @savethechildren at the link in my bio to relieve some of this conflict. Even just giving $5 (what I sometimes spend on coffee) or just becoming more aware of the situation would help. Thank you -- to my family, my friends, everyone. I am so lucky to have known the constant compassion and kindness of the people around me, and I only hope that all will one day know the same.

Over the last two weeks we've been through a lot; from blindfolded drawing to the 24 hour still life, I'm so glad I met you guys. All the drawing & painting kids inspired me so much, I'm going to miss all of you. #QMRocks #OSAI40th

💗"The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of" I wish I could truly express what this place has done but I can only provide a peak. To say it in the simplest form,never have my eyes seen such beauty. Can't wait to see everything and everyone again! 💗#qmrocks #osai40th #artcamp #art #

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