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🚩‎دفتر فروش: تهران -خ وليعصر-بالاتر از چهارراه وليعصر-خ بزرگمهر -مجتمع اداري بزرگمهر(پلاك ١٦)- ط هفتم واحد ٧٠٦

#nottodaysatan 😂👿

I hear a lot of talk about worship songs. Are they good? Are they current? Are they theologically sound? Are they congregational? I’m not a musician so I don’t really know what any of that vernacular means. All I know is that every once in a while, a worship song becomes more than just lyrics and melody, it transcends beyond that into a sphere of pure sonic requisite and arrests my heart and soul into a posture of both gratitude and authority. GRATITUDE of His goodness and kindness, and full AUTHORITY to declare His power and glory. These songs allows me to prophesy over my own life and over the lives of those around me. They shift atmospheres and remind us that heaven is but a veil away. I didn’t really grow up with CCM, so I’m not sure what a worship song “needs” to be these days, I just know that I needed this song to get up every morning, my church needed this song to journey into a new season, and the enemy needed this song to remind him that he is defeated and that if he ever tried to mess with @nataliegrant again, he should forget it because she was going to slay all day everyday. #byefelecia #nottodaysatan #thebelongingco #isnthedoe?

Isn’t He (This Jesus) featuring Natalie Grant. Available on iTunes and Spotify now! http://blng.co/isnthe

God knew I needed these two today. Especially a night out with my girl.

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Just got home from my FIRST bible study since moving down to Arizona 18 months ago. ((@schultzie27 thanks for the kick & inspo 😘))
Ironically the new series i stepped in on was #FaithOverFear ... .... now, ever have one of those moments where you look up & think, OKAYYY touché God, i see you 😆🙌🏼🤣. Hearing my mantra spoken so CLEAR revealed clarity i didn’t even know i was searching for. He speaks through others, you know 😉
Been in this strange season where my heart is pulling me in 1 direction ... i feel God telling me to let go , listen & make moves, —> But then there is society’s noise in the background telling us what’s “right” & what’s “wrong”. It can be PARALYZING!!! Especially when you know in your heart otherwise 💗
Here is my takeaway : the devil KNOWS your weakness & he WILL use it against you. He will paralyze you with your fears, holding you captive & stagnant. FEEL the fears he casts on you , & follow your heart anyway ... God will not let you fail. ❤️🔥🙌🏼 #GodSizeDreams #ComeToLife #OutofYourComfrotZone 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#NotTodaySatan !!!!

Love the gold glitter so much, I made two shirts for myself 🤗🤗#nottodaysatan #craftybitch #loveandbaseball❤️⚾️

And if Mercury could just fuck off also that would be great 😂 #mercuryretrograde #nottodaysatan #byefelicia #omgno #ineedjesus

Don't forget Fridays in Lent are meatless! It's a small sacrifice compared to what Christ gave for us.
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Depression, anxiety and ptsd can swarm up on you at any time. No warning, no reason. Somtimes there's a clear issue that brings it raging to the surface, but even knowing the cause sometimes can't help the syndrome. I'm worried. Afraid. Alone. Angry. Guilty. Days are easy. I go to the gym or I work. Nights are different. Work nights I can't take my medication because it makes me groggy in the morning. I have a couple beers once a week but tonight is not that night. I quit smoking a few weeks ago and I itch so damn bad for it. I want to relax. I want to breathe. I want my mind to calm the fuck down and shut the fuck up. Ok. Whiney blah blah over, moving on. . . .
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