NACHOS That's what I ate tonight but I have to confess to something guys...it was my first time tasting vegan cheeze 😳
Well well well... not sure yet about the taste guys !
Toping nachos is okay but that's it for the moment. I have to be patient and try lots if vegan cheeze before finding the one I luv 😇
Do you have any vegan cheeze suggestions ??? 🧀

Molho branco vegano!!
●marca aquele amigo que adora um macarrão com molho fetutine e me mostre para ele que não é difícil ser vegano!!! Receita: Bati no liquidificador 1xic de castanha do caju crua demolho12h com umas 2-3cs de sumo de limão
2cs de nutritional west usei da marca @bioneticnutrition 🏅 e um pouquinho de água dps leve ao fogo baixo e add 2cs de polvilho azedo e sal e vai mexendo até engrossar dps add no macarrão e seja feliz! Se vc fizer me marca que quero ver! Bjs😙

#macarraovegano #veganosbrasil #spagethi #spagethiveg

water in cartons? the world has gone mad 🤣😂💙✌
#earthday #water #conservation #paper #plastic #carton #notmilk #lunch #photography #white

Nothing like some Halo Top to end an extremely stressful day 😪 I haven’t tried this flavour yet but I’m extremely excited about it!
#vegan #halotop #notmilk #icecream #selflove

new branding, who dis!? ✨🥛💫

Did you know that around 65% of the human population is lactose intolerant on some level? This is even higher in some demographics- approximately 75% of people from African descent are lactose intolerant, and the number is a staggering 90% for people of Asian descent. It's 2018- there are so many delicious plant based mills on the market that there's no need to compromise your health for cow milk. 🐮 I like using almond milk for baking, cashew milk for drinking plain, and coconut milk for mixing in smoothies and desserts. There are so many varieties to choose from- I usually get a different kind every week! Drop your favorite non dairy milk down below ⬇️ (Also if you know the artist please tag, I would love to give credit but there was no watermark!)

Bůůů! Teda NeBůůů! 😄
Znáte Nemléko z Nekrávy? 😄
Dělá se to teda prej z mandlí, ne z nekrav. Chutná ale i tak velmi labužnicky! A ještě je v parádní reusable lahvi (mé ekologické já jásá)! Jsem prostě úplně nadšen přátelé! 😄 A vděčnej kámošce, která mi tuhle super vjec ukázala! 😄

PS: Tohle píšu dobrovolně a zadarmo.. #ŽádnáReklama


Time to get the skin summer ready ☀️ I have major scarring from second degree burns all over my chest & back. The scars tend to get worse during the dryer, colder months. I’ve found that rosehip & Argan oil has been particularly nice for softening the scars as well as helping with hyper pigmentation.

Enjoying all the colors of the 🌈! 📸:@vegetaryn
PSA: #EatYourVeggies 😋🥦🥕🌱 There’s a reason fruits & veggies are so colorful 🌈 We are attracted to those colors and we salivate when we see them 😍 Think about it, when have veggies ever been considered bad for you? #Never ♥️ If you made it this far into my caption 👉 comment your favorite veggie 🌱 Mine is broccoli 🥦 Crudité from @pedalersfork #LettuceEatPlants #IfLooksCouldKale #EatYourVeggies #IComeInPeas #Unicorn #GoodChivesOnly #NotMilk #DontBeEyeCandyBeSoulFood #SpudLife #DatHass #VeganAF #Vegetaryn #VeganFoodShare // www.vegetaryn.com ✔️

Daily milk fact: if you are vegan you don’t like milk... GO VEGAN! ..... if you dm us memes we might post them! #nomilk #never #govegan #milkisnasty #memes #stopmilk #notmilk #nasty #never #notallowed

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