Marsh Hawks, male and female. The next day they were busily building a nest in a hayfield. Mostly the female incubated the eggs and the male would bring her meals. I didn’t see the female for weeks. When she reappeared on the fence posts I figured the eggs had hatched, as the two did a lot hunting during those few days before the farmer mowed the field. I’ve not seen this pair since. In fact I’ve not seen a Marsh Hawk in Hurricane Fields for five months... #naturephotography #birdphotography #birdwatching #bird #birdlovers #nikonp900 #coolpixp900 #nikon #audobon #audobonsociety #pictureoftheday #birdsofprey #raptors #harriers #harrier #northernharrier #marshhawks #marshharrier

A Cooper’s Hawk challenges a Northern Harrier, perched on a favored spot above a field.

Here is a female northern harrier as she banks back towards me. Showing her wingspan from the top.

Very poor visibility today so no good photos or video - but still saw a lot of wildlife! Lots of herons again in the marsh - a lovely coyote, and sweetest of all - a Merlin and a northern harrier sitting perched together on a driftwood stump! But as you can see - very hazy - I couldn’t see Steveston let alone Vancouver island! Tuesday 14 August 2018

Male Northern Harriers can have as many as five mates at once, and they provide most of the food for their mates and offspring. ⠀

This week's #AudubonTakeover is thanks to this year's Audubon Photography Awards Grand Prize Winner, Steve Mattheis (@stevemattheis).

Cool and overcast after the rain but lots of wildlife on the marsh today - here a northern harrier hunts along the shore line for small birds - saw 3 bald eagles on their posts on the shipping lane towers and lots of herons (about twenty!!) in the marsh itself! Terrific wildlife watching Sunday 12 August 2018 #elite_raptors #northernharrier #richmondmoments

Unlike other hawks, Northern Harriers use both visual and auditory cues to capture their prey, which can include mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and sometimes other birds. 📷 : Scott Carpenter⠀

#northernharrier #harrier #hawks #portlandaudubon #pnw #exploregon #birdsofinstagram #birdsofprey #bestbirds #birdstagram #wildlifephotography #pdx

Airshow | Photograph by Jack Zhi
“It took me a month to capture this shot, after work and on the weekend. When I saw these Northern harriers engaged in a sky dance in the distance, I was so surprised and excited! Of course by the time I got there, they disappeared,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Jack Zhi. “I picked a spot with the wind and the sun behind me and hoped for the best. Luckily, they reappeared, dancing up and down.”

“What an incredible moment Jack! Excellent job staying patient with capturing this moment — waiting paid off for a great moment of wings spanning across the entirety of your frame. I love it!” — @natgeoyourshot Associate Photo Editor Kristen McNicholas (@kemcnicholas)

"Northern Harrier Hunting Skagit Fields" 16 x 22 soft pastel on pastel premier. #dmaewright #dmaewrightartist #northernharrier #birdsofskagitvalley #barnsofskagitvalley #softpastel #pastelpremier
#pastelpainting #hawks

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