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After moving from his family's North Dakota farm near the Canadian border, Jim O'Rourke attended Concordia College. His years there, particularly working with Cy Running, were influential. A stint in the Army introduced him to European art galleries, and he returned a changed man. In 1960 he was hired by Concordia professor Barbara Glasrud to hang the first Red River Annual Show, an annual exhibition that has since become The Rourke's Midwestern Invitational.

This 1990 woodcut, "The Homeplace," shows the family farm in Cavalier County. The photo shows Jim and one of his beloved gallery cats.

See more at the Hjemkomst Center in "Red River Masters."

Today I am sharing my secrets about Downtown Fargo! One of my favorite spots for a photo session! Find out my top 10 tips for a Downtown Fargo photo session on the blog! You may even find out some great spots to stop for a bite to eat. Cookies and donuts anyone?! Link in bio!

Hello Friends~
It’s been a while! I have been so consumed by my photography business, I haven’t had much time to work on this account or my blog but it was never my intention to abandon them!
Stay tuned for a new blog post out tomorrow... You won’t want to miss the details on my favorite bohemian-style artisan jewelry designer!

Up north, it has been cold, and I mean really cold, like below zero Fahrenheit weather almost every day cold. Not much you can do except embrace it. This photo was taken at Polar Fest in Detroit Lakes, MN this past weekend where the community rallied for an array of winter activities including the building of this Ice Palace. It is constructed from nearly 1500 blocks of ice weighing 500 lbs each. All of the ice was harvested in the area which is historically known for having pure ice. Seeing the ice all lit up at night was quite the sight, as was the spectacular fireworks display above it.

A year ago, it was +55. This morning it's -12.


Sometimes you need a little help to accomplish seemingly impossible feats.

I have bagged up all summer sketches!
What a productive Sunday.

It's cold out but we're rockin' it! 🇺🇸👍
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working with kids is great, until you realize they’re just walking germ balls. #sickagain #idontlooklikethisrightnow

Remember when the outdoors looked pleasant and inviting?
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Probably a little too excited about finally having personalized bags- even if I did have to stamp them all myself. Worth it!

Behind-the-scene from today’s shoot @wildterra.co 📷: @christinaholmessalon

🇺🇸 This is the largest picnic table I have seen so far. #USA #NorthDakota #NorthofNormal #LegendaryND

Join us every Sunday for All Day Happy Hour!
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This is the week of the @ungluedmarket Craft Fest!! This is an event that I get extremely excited about for so many reasons. Getting a chance to chat with you is such a treat, and I'm always blown away by the kindness and support I receive. This event not only helps support my business, but fills me with inspiration and joy! I can't wait to see you there :D (Photography by @belu.photography)

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