Today is the 19th Anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre.My thoughts go out to the victims and their families and to all those affected by these type of horrific acts.

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Our mission to inspire a bipartisan movement to end the culture of gun violence in America. We created Surrender the Right to speak truth and love to fellow Christians and other people of faith who may be anxious or reluctant to surrender their military-grade weapons. We believe it is our duty as Christ followers to address this issue with humbleness and an attitude that leads to surrender. This is just the beginning. More to come soon.

Refusing to allow one more needless death! Don't think you have to wait until gun violence affects you personally to stand against it!!! Act now to make a change! .
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Be safe to all marching this weekend. 🍃 #MarchForOurLives #NationalSchoolWalkout #Parkland #Everytown #NoNotoriety

This city received some relieving news today. Praying for the victims and their families. -
With the recent tragedy that affected Austin, and all of these types of events happening so often, we ask that you join the "NO NOTORIETY" campaign by never speaking the name of the killer. We challenge the media to take initiative and refrain from drawing attention to the ones responsible for the violent actions, and instead focus on the victims. A major influencing factor for these events in many cases is the quest for infamy. DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM. Please pass this along. -
To thank the local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as offer condolences to those affected by this tragedy, the amazing @thinkeryatx (where we're at in the photo above) has been so kind to offer free admission for the month of April to those affected. Please visit their page for more info.
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I know the city of Austin can breath a bit easier after today.
These types of tragedies are happening all to often and it’s truly shaking me to my core. I ask you to support the "No Notoriety” campaign by taking a vow to never utter the name of the killer. Focus on the victims, not their killer. I first heard about this from @andersoncooper (The quest for notoriety and infamy is a well known motivating factor in rampage mass killings and violent copycat crimes. In an effort to reduce future tragedies, we CHALLENGE THE MEDIA – calling for RESPONSIBLE MEDIA COVERAGE FOR THE SAKE OF PUBLIC SAFETY when reporting on individuals who commit or attempt acts of rampage mass violence thereby depriving violent like minded individuals the media celebrity and media spotlight they so crave. •

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Glad Austin feels a little safer today ❤️
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“I spend so much money on living, and i’m not even having a good time” -Christina. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today I had the great honor of sitting on a panel for the Denver Press Club and discuss my opinions on gun control, the Parkland shooting, covering tragedy in the media, #nonotoriety , and the importance of using your voice. This was an amazing opportunity that granted me the platform to share my thoughts, gain some perspective, spend time with one of my best friends, and even line up an internship. I am beyond humbled and honored by the bravery of mass shooting survivors (the moderator survived Columbine herself) and the adults who sat down to listen to what we had to say. It’s time for change. And we can make it happen.

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Freshman Gina Montalto, 14, died from her injuries late Wednesday night. She was a member of the school's winter guard team, which was slated to perform at a regional event in Tampa over the weekend. #gunreformnow #nonotoriety

Well Said! #marchforourlives#nomore#enough#everytown #momsdemand#teachersdemand #everytownforgunsafety# #parentsdemand#nonotoriety: ****Also, let’s not forget for a single moment about the horrific heroine/op/fen crisis that’s taken internally & massacring our young adults and teens to death.

There might be hope for a permanent paradigm shift. The Parkland teenagers don't give a fuck about gridlocked politics, money, or celebrity.
They want action.
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A dark beer, on a cool night, with a great book, a few clean pages, inside a frustrated/thoughtful mind, in a cozy corner.
In related news...It's a sad state when satire is more soothing than reality.
In efforts to be more direct, frustration surrounding some responses to the recent shooting in Florida is what is on my mind. The idea that we shouldn't be talking about policy change because it's "too early" (i.e. in Florida, apparently the politicians thought it a better time to preach to the youth about porn than talk about gun policy changes, as reported by @huffpost), the idea that we should not talk about the young person that did the shooting because we don't want to "give him notoriety" (i.e. the #nonotoriety movement, as I first saw from @everytown and many people qhave shared)... these ideas feel folly. As painful as this all is, ignoring and ostracising the reality does little to nothing to help heal and recover.
This was a but of a rant and thus not a completed thought but it's something that weighs on my mind right now, so thanks for reading. I invite all open conversation and all differences of opinion, for that is how we grow and help each other. I only ask for mutual respect and understanding that everyone will not, and cannot, agree #letstalk

Our youth are change-agents!!!🙌
Please support our work to empower them with the culinary skills they need to nourish themselves as they push onward!
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So important! #repost from @everytown : #NoNotoriety for the Parkland shooter. #NoName #NoPicture

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