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It's a fine line between artistic license and outright lies, right? When is advertising, false advertising? Why do businesses feel they can lie to the consumer and how do they get away with it? Above are a couple of images of burgers. The top 2 are from a competitor's range, the left one the promo shot, the right one, the reality of what the customer receives when they open up the box. The bottom two are two customer shots of their burgers, from burgerlove - #nofilters, #nophotoshop #nobullshit - #whatyouseeiswhatyouget and that's why we use real photos by real people of real food to promote and share what we do - #nolies - isn't it time to go back to basics like the #goldenarches of the 50's and sell what you promote, not a poor copy and substandard product? #notjustanotherburgerjoint #burgerlove #cultburgerhouse #keepthebastardshonest #keepingitreal #🍔❤️

Carrying on from my IG stories last night ! A big frustration of mine is impatience... after 3 weeks or 3 months i hear people being disappointed with progress (even though they have made what I consider to be a lot in the time frame ) now if your building muscle forget 3 weeks forget 3 months it takes longer ! This is ten years between photos id already trained for about a year consistently! I partly blame the bullshit 8 weeks transformations plastered over social media and partly lack of understanding and partly because a lot of people now don't want to work hard and will dismiss most things if not instant. If your fairly new to training forget time frames and just work and work because it will be a good amount of time before you reach the picture in your head ! This is not to put people off its to help understand that the process is slow and definately not easy! If it puts you off that it will take this long then fine ! If things took 8-12 weeks believe me we would all be walking round looking a hell of a lot different ! #progress #nobullshit #bodybuilding #diet #train #nutrition #time #igfit #igers

4 years ago today a Nigga could be gone but I'm blessed up running Dat check up #live 🔋 #RareBreedENT😈 #ThaDropVideoInMyBio #nobullshit #YSOKM🚀

Recording of #TheBoysNextDoor's second-ever live show in 1977 ~ come see where they went from there 💫 Tonight at @footsiesbar with @djcarlosrossi 🌹 DJing all things #NickCave #nickcaveandthebadseeds #thebirthdayparty #grinderman and related/side projects/influences • 10pm • 21+ • Free! • #allvinyl#nobullshit

We're pouring açaí all over the city 😋😂🤤😍 #realfood #acaibowl #cdmx #mexicosaludable


Monday night at the A&E. real life happens when you are making plans. Ankle looking massive AF #nofilter #nobullshit #bunny🐰 #Monday #tennis #backhandmonday

You know what helps me SO freaking much when I start to judge my belly being too big!
I go to my favorite body positive accounts here on insta and just read and look at their posts ....in only a few seconds I feel better.
They save me every time!
It's crazy how much we judge our bodies as women.
Through all the history women have been criticized by how we look.
How much we weigh and if we are beautiful enough.
"Society created an image that every single woman should look like and if you don't well we will break you down."
No one fits the mold.
No one.
We are all unique and beautiful!
But yeah I struggle with my body image and my belly in particular.
I hate that I do this to myself, I shouldn't listen to people who say mean things and that I should work out even more than I already do, don't eat and stuff like that.
I'm healthy!
I love my belly!
It's super strong and healthy...just extra cozy😉
Why is that so wrong?
Why do some people consider me ugly just because I have a cozy belly?
I don't get it?
I see beauty in everyone who has a beautiful loving kind soul and heart!
Not in how they body looks like.
If you struggle with body image and self love too;
I can recommend ;
She's my absolute favorite and she has helped me so much!
I know I'm worthy.
But my journey of self love and loving my body has just begun...I have good days and bad days.
But I will not hide my belly anymore 💃⚡️🔥
Sending you all big hugs n much love!!❤️❤️❤️

No excuses! Just get shir done and get paid!!! #entrepreneur #invester #affiliate #winning #getshitdone #nobullshit #noexcuses

Bison burger in green leaf lettuce and baby spinanch with dressing.
#noexcuses #thejourney #fitmindfitbodyfitsoul #doworkson #nobullshit

I am now taking girlfriend applications #nogames #nobullshit

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