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#FBF to my cover of one of my fave musical inspirations @nickjonas and his song #CHAINS! Would love your input... I want to do more covers... COMMENT BELOW with what you may want to hear... let’s expand artistry together! Thank you @chrisvillain for your recording and editing skills and @____romanticanalog for your guitar skillz! #nickjonas #chains #artist #music #pop #rnb #soul #acoustic #cover #singer #songwriter #singersongwriter

#Nickjonas #iconicks

Awww ♥️ (I want to say I am not the artist for any of these pictures I found this online so I can not give creds if you know who is the artist please tag them or let me know) // #tomholland #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #marvel #lauraharrier #zendaya #jacobbatalon #harrisonosterfield #holytrinity #chaoswalking #daisyridley #nickjonas #madsmikkelsen #quacksons #domholland #nikihollandphotography #nikkiholland #harryholland #harryhollandphotography #samholland #paddyholland #tessaholland #tessa

I really miss her short hair soooo baddd , do you ?

look this little angel ❤️❣️

is @nickjonas gravity bc I fell for him (#nickjonas #cuteboy)

"What you seek is in the basket; If you're not careful, you'll be in a casket; Trust each other, and never blink; The missing piece is not what you think." #TurpsFilmReview (7/10)

Soft reboots are not something I would typically call myself a fan of. The original JUMANJI was a childhood memory I didn't really want being tarnished, so this isn't a film I was particularly excited for. The idea of changing the classic board game into a video game seemed to me like an easy and frankly unoriginal way for the writers to distinguish the two films, but now having seen the film, I must say that it definitely worked in its favor.

JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE stars The Rock, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart and Jack Black as the playable characters of the game. This movie ONLY works because of the cast's hilarious performances and chemistry, and that's coming from someone who is not a big Kevin Hart fan. The whole gag is that the characters in the real world have chosen are pretty much the opposite of their real personalities. This has an obvious comical effect, but it also sets up some nice characters arcs. I didn't really feel that the "lessons" learned by the end of the film were forced. They all had a rather nice progression to them which was cool to see.

The plot is definitely the weakest link here. The whole point of the film is revolves around achieving one goal and everything up until that point is just a setup for comedic scenes. There are some decent little twists along the way, but anything the writers try to surprise you with is pretty obvious from its introduction. That being said, the final few shots felt earned and satisfying. The experience they went through with one another helped them grow as people without feeling too corny.

All in all, JUMANJI is the best film it could've been. Like I said at the beginning; reboots are difficult to pull off, but JUMANJI manages to be different enough to a be a fun and entertaining comedy. Thanks for reading.

Set up x Break down x Set up x Break down = the life of a drummer 👄

How much time do you typically need to set up your full band and do a sound check? How do you know when the sound guy has you perfectly?

Beautiful view, and I’m not talking about the mountain. Nick looks like a cute little guppy sitting in the snow☺️💕
Yes this is the man of my dreams💘
Nick on instagram stories February 23, 2018
@nickjonas #nickjonas #mountain #snow #jonas #view

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