Stuck a backyard buck with an arrow. Now the pressure is off to gladly hunt ducks and geese the rest of the season!

One of the most rewarding feelings there is!🙌🏼

Representing in New York! #newyorkhunting #bealpha #alphaarcher

First sit of the year on my main hunting grounds. Cold front pushing through #upstatenewyork few does came in but no bucks. Magical time of the year. #hunting #treestand #hardwoods #newyorkhunting #whitetailhunting #whitetaildeer #hunt2eat #venison #browtineswetlines

A moment of pause to take a picture with friends during the hosted grouse or should I say woodcock hunt in #newyork. We recapped and shared stories on a two episode series that you can listen to by clicking link in bio.

Did you catch the most recent two podcast from on the road in New York? Click the link in the bio to listen! Have a friend who might enjoy stories of dogs, guns and friends? Tag them below!

Public hunt today didn’t see the big one I’m after. I did see a few doe, this cold front has had deer on their feet all day. #newyorkhunting #buckmasters #whatgetsyououtdoors #duryoutdoors #camhanes #HHTV #redarrowtv #headhuntertv #bonecollector #heartlandbowhunter #buckcommander

This doe definitely humbled me, sometimes I forget just how hard being an outdoorsmen can be. We tracked her for close to 2 hours last night with no luck and this morning I went out on my hands and knees to where I thought just maybe she could be. I found this doe in the thickest pricker bushes and brush I’ve ever been in. I don’t even want to talk about the drag out 😅. But it’s all worth it and when you have a friend like @emmafox97 who will come from an overnight shift to help you drag a doe out and smile the whole time, it reminds me just how lucky I am. So here’s to bowhunting and the adventures I’ve been on and the ones to come🍻. #huntlikeagirl

Flushed a 3 grouse and a pheasant but none offered shots. Managed a woodcock though.

An exciting hunt tonight, just not exciting enough to get a shot at one... oh well🙃🏹🦌

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