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🇲🇽⚜️”No estoy loco, solamente que mi realidad es distinta a la tuya, en mi realidad tu vida está antes que la mía.”⚜️🇲🇽 #GaD#DLB#ComoLoco#UshaPerro#NewLobo

Selamat pagii ♥♥♥🌺
Tahun Baru, Semangat Baru dan yuk kita sambut produk baru dari Lobo.

Assalamualaikum Bundsay, sambil ngabisin weekend kita open PO yaa


Size : 1-4Y (4,5,6) Ukuran LEBIH PANJANG dari BBM dengan Look yang lebih slim (pipa tidak selebar Boom)

Warna BATCH 1
1. Toska
2. Hitam
3. Merah
4. Kuning
5. Fuji
6. Birel
7. Oren
8. Olive
9. Abu Solid
10. Khaki Tua
Harga :
Retail : 48.000
Reseller : 32.000 ➡ 640.000 (kodian)
Agen : 28.000 ➡ 560.000 (kodian)



Harga Promo Disc 10%

Retail: @ 43.200
Resel : @ 28.800 (kodian)
Agen : @25.200 (kodian)

KUOTA BATCH 1 ➡ 1500 pcs

Order dan info :


Wa : 0896-2997-0977

Silahkan masukkan POan Bun, semoga laris manis yaa 😘😘 #newbabyqu

Divina Commedia 🎭 #burjmilano #hiddenspots

Open PO Loby Kinder ya... Size S&M ( umur 4-6t)
Size S : TKA, panjang 60cm
Size M : TK B, panjang 65cm

Warna : Olive, Toska, Krem, Hitam, Navy

Harga Ecer @70rb ( untuk harga grosir by WA ya)
Estimasi Ready Minggu depan 😊😊😊 More Info & Order Wa 085694773356
#mycollectionkids #instakidsfashion #celanalobo #newlobo #lobykinder #instafashion #jualpakaiananakbranded #jualbajubrandedanak #lobojakarta

Theodor Francke is a first year #Lobo tackling his academics with Blake’s Lota Burger at his side. He’s an academic-driven Diné working towards a Business degree with a focus in Financial Management with hopes of helping businesses flourish! Theo enjoys playing Baseball & is also an avid fan of the Colorado Rockies. This #NewLobo looks to his mother for motivation and is proud to call his father his hero. If you see Theo around campus welcome him to #LoboLand! #AISSLobo #NavajoWays #AISBAlum

Shout-out to #NewLobo Antoinette Moses who’s rocking her first year at #UNM with style & focus! She’s got a lot on her plate this semester: succeeding in her classes, spending quality time with her daughter, and hitting the gym when she gets the chance. Antoinette’s intent on becoming a Dental Hygienist & got an academic jump start as a member of the 2017 American Indian Summer Bridge Program cohort.  Antoinette’s piece of advice is, “Never let anything stop you from achieving what you want.” She’s definitely a go-getter!  Fun Fact about Antoinette: her favorite place to eat is McDonalds. Welcome this #AISBAlum to #LoboLife when you see her on campus! #AISSLobo

SPOILER ALERT? Whether you liked the new LOBO or not, I think we can all agree that Czarnian's are a beautiful alien race. 😈😍💜 #Lobo
I'm late to the Lobo comic review train since it ended earlier this year, but Although it only lasted 13 issues, I actually enjoyed the new lobo a lot! It was sexy, full of action, and had some good humor & great art. It was a mature comic and I could definitely see it as a cool, sexy sci-fi movie. I'm sure the reason it didn't do so well was because (just like any reboot) people prefer the original & probably wrote it off before they even gave it a chance once they saw that this Lobo wasn't the Lobo everyone knows. (And killed that Lobo in the first issue btw) I hope everyone will start approaching pop culture reboots and new characters with a more open mind in the future. Comics & talking about them are one of my passions & I would love to follow other people who talk comics in their posts 🙈 #letsbefriends #comicbooks #comicreviews #newlobo #new52lobo #czarnian #comics #sinestro #loboreview #bountyhunter #lobodc #dccomics #dcuniverse #aliens

Había un escenario mejor para debutar con los Lobos UNM RUGBY TEAM? y cumplir mi sueño de jugar en USA!! Jugando al lado del estadio de los Arizona Wildcats #tucson #Arizona #rugby #UNMvdUofA #NewLobo #VidaMinionAlbuquerque

Lobonday - Part #11. I said this would be the last post regarding my #lobonday series, but I still have one surprising shot in petto! 😄 Of course, I reveal that on upcoming monday first. This one here shows the 'New Lobo' from 2014. It started in October and has already 12 issues, which I all read via the app 'Comixology' - this is my first digital one. I love the comic strip presentation, but the new Lobo is.. mhhh, let's say quite ok, but not overwhelming. This first picture here from issue #1 is nice, because it builds a little bridge, but then - it seems to be no topic anymore. Also, the humor has gone and more seriousness went into content. There are still cool and innovative villains and Lobo is still an asshole, but it's not that charming and funny as it was in the past. It's the usual stuff like with all the other reboots. Rehashed. #lobo #badass #dc #dcuniverse #newlobo #lobo2014 #rehashed

#newlobo newlife #USB 4-Ports

Just posted my review of Lobo #1 and I post a review of Lobo #2 after my Gotham Review. Go to bluesmoke52.WordPress.Com
#dccomics #lobo #superman #new52 #newlobo

#Lobo is metal. Lobo worships #Lemmy. Lobo don't like crappy #newlobo. A #warmup for @mrchoforo

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