our Summer Sunday siren, ‘salty soul’ seascape.
Who else turns their instagram posts into an alliteration game? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Play along and add another “s” word for the win!
PS, let’s go celtics 🍀

Big dig

Did y'all not get the memo?

Summer is here and so is the lobstah! Have a safe Memorial Day, may your bellies be full of crustacean and your lines be tight! #lobster #memorialdayweekend #fishing #newengland #longislandsound #ct

Guess who’s adopted?

Listen to the sounds of spring at Mount Washington! I know people think we’re nuts to still be skiing at the end of May, but spring skiing at Tuckerman is not only a New England tradition but an eastern skiers must do! These are some excerpts from what will be the last segment of our “The First Season” series, coming soon!
@k2skis @smithoptics @peakperformancecan

It was great to visit Boston again today for the day. Looking forward to showing my proper photos from this trip to New England this next weekend. #newengland #boston

Bring on the sunny and warm days so you can wear cute ☀️dresses!

Wheat B's

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