4th grade,
I took my birth certificate to school, for a basketball physical. I glanced at the piece of paper thinking " My dad's name is in the father field but I dont recognize the name in the mother field. That's not my mom's name. Is this a mistake !???... In 3 days I will meet her face to face, for the first time at age 32.
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Smart Women Rising - The Conference
February 14th & 15th, 2019
Long Beach, California
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- Felling so incredibly blessed and thankful for this beautiful woman and her family! - •

She was the only person I knew of that lived in the area we were potentially going to be moving to, so I reached out to her a few months back. And although we really only knew each other through mutual friends on social media, she was so incredibly sweet and shared with me all about her city! Then when moving became our reality they truly blessed our family when they went to the house we found for rent that we fell in love with and they FaceTimed us through it, which thankfully happens to be only a few minutes away from them!
We finally got a chance to actually hang out together this weekend, like all weekend long, and man, are we feeling extra thankful tonight that the Lord gave us this family as friends in our new town! .

Got my fancy piece of paper and I don't feel a degree hotter, but I'm feeling a little acute 🎓 . . . . . .

I finished all of my degree requirements last year but couldn't get myself to go to convocation. I hated the thought of convocation because I didn't feel like I deserved to celebrate. I didn't achieve any kind of remarkable success or exceptional performance, it was underwhelmingly mediocre and I knew I could have done so much more.
For most of my undergraduate degree my perfectionism would make me extremely hard on myself. I would beat myself down over every slip up and it eventually led me to stop trying most days. I had built up this overwhelming fear of embarassment and fear of being inferior to my peers. It kept me from attending classes and a handful of important presentations. On good days I could pull in 80s & 90s but the days I locked into my thoughts I couldn't focus long enough to do the work and my grades would slip largely. The thoughts became so overwhelming and my self worth became so low that I dropped out with only a year left. It was a brutal summer of thinking I couldn't enjoy life or even eat well unless I felt that I earned it. After 4 months I convinced myself that my best path to success is to finish my degree and I'm so glad that I did. It's taken a while but I've trained my mind to stop focusing on short term outcomes and focus more on how the experiences build to my long term goals. I came to realize that my undergraduate mediocrity has already helped jump start my career and is just one learning in my long journey. I really gotta bust my ass now and leave no doubt that I could've done more, especially since I had a chat with President Feridun Hamdullahpur (while he conferred my degree) and told him to remember my name because someday I'll be famous.

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Massive shoutout to Stephanie, you got me through undergrad with your endless support and believing in me even when I had no faith in myself. This degree definitely wouldn't have happened without you. Just like my student loans, I can never repay you.

🍂It’s been a very rough week for everyone.... from Stan Lee passing away (RIP Stan 😥), to uni deadlines to random people drama breaking out. ⚡️ENOUGH is ENOUGH.... let’s turn this fucking ship around: let’s drop the negativity and have a belter weekend!!! 🕯Join us early (7:30 🔥) and join us at @jacrecsphaseone to drink, boogie to epic bands @egostates & @hollywoodeyesmusic before we finally really go for it 🎉
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why you insist on putting yourself in places you don’t want to be in- i’ll never understand
but i’ll love you wherever you are 🍃 .
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Chillmode me and my babe building a #newbeginning .🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

~~ Beautiful Inner Life ~~
How is your inner life? Is it full of: Bitterness? Anger? Love? Peace? Only you can control what goes on inside of your heart. Make changes if need be. Try every day to keep beauty, peace and love inside your soul. In only this way will you see the world and people in a brighter way.
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Hey I'm in LA! We went on our first hike as a family today 🌳 Hoping to visit as many trails as possible while we are here! LA people lmk if you have any trail suggestions? This one was cool, lots of people though. I'm trying to get used to that, literally everywhere you go around here it's busy busy 😄
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With Orea bits on top, dig into tasty Matcha flavour and be sweetened!

Everything start from ZERO.
A real potted plant begins with a plain seed and blossom into a beautiful flower with consistent love and care. The transformation process will take time and filled with unknown challenges. However if you can overcome it with courage, the result will be satisfying!


Well I took today as my rest day but tomorrow, I will be doing that cardio challenge and starting week 1 over again.....yep starting over because I want to do it right.

Fresh ambition on Monday morning to set the intentions for the week. So be sure to watch my stories for updates, and of course I will sharing on my wall as well 😉...sorry.....not really though 🤷‍♀️. Because if sharing helps someone that needs a push or support, I will be there for that person.
In Feb 28th of this year I had my first knee surgery, and promised myself a new start with a healthier and happier outlook on life once it healed. I did that, and then the dreaded 2nd injury happened (not from working out) and I made myself another promise....that I would not limit myself, I would come out stronger. I went in to surgery stronger and so I came out stronger, mentally and physically. I didn't let my injury become an excuse. Was it hard...yes it was...no lying...but we are stronger than our excuses 🙌. Let tomorrow be your day as well....Monday is a great day to start fresh😘.

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