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Joined a new gym by the new office :) #lifeisgrand #fitness #health

When the boyfriend is away, the girls will play. And by play, I mean get a library card and read all week. #nerdstatus

Going Rouge (1) with our dates for the night 😂#OpeningNight #NerdStatus #AndProud

My spin on it. Still need to paint mine white. And yup mines got boobs maybe even a pocket in the back for snacks 👍🏼#thinkinglikeawoman #nerdstatus

GONE ROGUE (ONE). Flashback to when I met my hero ... I mean, one of the most feared leaders of the galaxy ... this summer at Disney. ROGUE ONE with the crew today #nerdstatus #starwars #yearinreview2016

So... This happened today 🤗😂 Have I achieved #NerdStatus yet? 🤓

Hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving. Not looking forward to Thanksgiving break ending... #nerdstatus


As you all know, Starbucks is my guilty pleasure and my favorite drink is a good iced coffee 😍 I will be honest when I say I get it more often than not, and it's my main treat for working hard. I follow the 80/20 rule with my eating, and I LOVE this lifestyle. I eat treats, and I have my moments just like we all do!
SO in honor of my obsession with coffee, and my next Bootcamp where I'll be teaching you how to follow the 80/20 rule, the next 3 people to join me in April will get a $10 Starbucks gift card from yours truly 🙌🏻🙃
All my hardworking, nonstop busybees who are struggling to find the right balance, I was there before, and now I can help you! Fill out the link in my bio and I'll be in touch ❤ deadline is the 30th by midnight!

#starbucksgiftcard #coffeetime #fitnessgoals

Saaayyy wwhhhaaat!?! Bday present for the WIN! Harry Potter remote with stand! What more could a girl ask for!! #harrypotter #hp⚡ #inlove #bestbdaypresent #nerdstatus #hp4life #livinginadream

Yayyy! 🙌🎉4.0 this Quarter! 🤞Hoping I can pull this out in Spring too. 🤓 And yes, I'm 26 and still want my A's hung on the fridge... 😂 #noshame #collegelife #chemicaldependency #cdp #finalgrades #nerdstatus

"If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit."
Наверное пора уже написать что нибудь? Пока подруги гуляют по Китаю а я нет 😅Странно, я посетила уже несколько разных далёких стран, но очень мало мест которые близко. А у нас здесь прям под носом столько красивых мест! Даже билеты покупать не надо, сел в машину и 🚗💨все дела. Надо срочно начинать "открывать" неизведанные земли, покорять местные вершины, и знакомиться поближе с нашей прекрасной местностью ⛰а то скоро в учебниках утону 📚

When the boyfriend is away, the girls will play. And by play, I mean get a library card and read all week. #nerdstatus

Happy Monday, everyone! Oh I am a happy lady! My beautiful @zozpots mug came today! It was so gorgeously wrapped I held on to it for a minute debating whether or not I should open it...and then of course I did, because I wanted to see my mug 😝I immediately washed it and made tea, I'm so excited to use it. Thank you zozpots, for this beautiful work of art 😊 Also, I finished Shrill on Saturday, and it was SO. GOOD. definitely recommend it, give it a read. Now I'm reading Norse Mythology by the lovely Neil Gaiman 😁😁😁 I'm excited for this one. I loved learning Norse Myths in fourth grade (I played Bragi - the god of poetry- in our class play that year). However, with all the weird names of people and places, I feel like I'm going to lose track of what's what, so I'm going to map it out 🖊📖🤓 #nerdstatus but you gotta do what you gotta do. Has anyone else read this one?? Happy reading, y'all! 💖📖

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"There are no coincidences, the soul seeks its own path".... clearly my recent thoughts that back to school is where I need to be, which was met with skepticism at best, has been validated. Why else would an almost 30 year old get college info randomly in the mail? #backtoschool #nerdstatus #biggerthings #betterthings #nevertoolate

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