45 years ago today, @neilyoung released “Time Fades Away.” Young calls it “the worst record I ever made.” Trust us, Old Neil, you’ve made far worse. #neilyoung #timefadesaway

Time Fades Away peaked at number 22 in the Billboard 200🇺🇸 #hardrock #lprecord #neilyoung #1973 #repriserecords

Neil Young
Release date - 1968
Style:Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Track listing
Side 1
1.The Emperor Of Wyoming
2.The Loner
3.If I Could Have Her Tonight
4.I've Been Waiting For You
5.The Old Laughing Lady
Side 2
1.String Quartet From Whiskey Boot Hill
2.Here We Are In The Years
3.What Did You Do To My Life?
4.I've Loved Her So Long
5.The Last Trip To Tulsa
Guitar, Vocals - Neil Young

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