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The Deed of Assignment spells out the key issues in the transaction between the Seller and the Buyer so that there won’t be any confusion or assumption after the property has been transferred to the new owner. Such Key issues include:

1. The Parties’ to the Agreement e.g. between party A and party B.

2. The addresses of both parties and how it is binding on their successors, friends, colleagues and those representing them in any capacity.

3. The history of the land in question how it was first obtained down to the moment its about to be sold including and documents it previously had till this date

4. The agreed cost of the land and the willingness of the Seller to finally accept that price paid for the land

5. The description and size of the land to be transferred.

6. The covenants or promises both parties choose to undertake to perfect the transfer of the document

7. The signature of the parties to the Assignment and Witnesses to the Transaction

8. Finally the section for the Commissioner of Oaths or Governors Consent to sign and validate the agreement. These are the important features of a Deed of Assignment and must be included in all Documents for it to be valid.

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Yesterday - May 22, 2018 was the tabling of proposed changes to the current Divorce Act. If Bill C- 78 should reach royal assent, the following changes may come into effect: •Lawyers will be expected to recommend parties seek resolution outside of the courts (i.e. collaborative family law, negotiation, mediation etc.); •An expanded list of the best interests of the child test will be introduced, including: the child's relationship with the spouse and new significant other, wishes of the child, the willingness of the parents to aid the child in fostering a relationship with the new significant other; family violence; history of care for the child; cultural and linguistic heritage; and the wishes of the child;
•The terms "custody" and "access" will no longer be utilized within purposes of the Divorce Act and replaced with decision-making responsibilities and parenting time respectively; and
•Spouses will be required to attempt to resolve any divorce proceedings outside of court as reasonably as possible prior to bringing their matter to the courts.

The Ontario family courts are quite backlogged with family disputes and a change in the Divorce Act has been suggested to aid the current processes.
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Penat sama urusan kantor yang bikin stress? Mau tau tips-tips agar bisa melewati masa-masa sulit dikantor? Semua bisa kamu pelajari dari tayangan-tayangan channel K-Plus!
Mulai dari "Chief Kim", "Neighbourhood Lawyer", dan " Ms. Perfect" akan menghibur hari-hari kalian sekaligus memberikan berbagai pengetahuan untuk melewati medan tempur dalam dunia kerja. Saksikan tayangan K-Plus dalam rangkaian "Office Survival Guide" setiap hari selasa hingga rabu pukul 21.30 WIB
Nonton dimana aja dan kapan aja di #DensTV . Download aplikasi Dens.TV sekarang di #AppStore atau #PlayStore
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Mhaha kang sora ngacirr, tadi nawarin di peluk 😂...
Ada yg udh nonton drama baru kang sora Neigbourhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho ? Udh tayang 2 episode nih.. di episode pertama dpt rating tertinggi kedua dengan 10.1% dan episode 2 11.4% Cukup lumayan dpt perhatian juga nih drama krna mengalami kenaikan, utk saingannya ada drama Jang Geun Suk "Jackpot".
Scene dimana sora *eunjo* disuruh pengacara kim utk mencari kim Yong tae yang namanya ada di daftar rekening palsu...
Eun Jo kebingungan sendiri dan bertanya bagaimana cara ia menemukan orang itu. “Pukul-pukul saja tanah…”, ucap Pengacara Kim singkat.😂 Saat Pengacara Kim sudah pergi, Eun Jo kesal sendiri. Tapi saat Pengacara Kim mengetuk jendela kaca, Eun Jo memberikan senyumannya pada Pengacara Kim dan berjanji akan melakukannya.

Eun Jo pergi ke tempat-tempat yang biasanya para tuna wisma berkumpul untuk mencari seseorang yang bernama Kim Yong Tae. Dan ini scene di video nanya2 eunjo ke temen tunawisma lainnya. 😊
Utk yg penasaran langsung aja cuss yak nonton dramanya 😘tag temenmu..kang sora nih 😊
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