🙌 so true always be kind and treat people how you wish to be treated, as you never know what they can be feeling. A simple hello, smile or kind gesture can change someone’s life.
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Keep smiling it’s only Monday!

One of my favourite quotes is, “This time too shall pass”. Nothing in life is permanent, nothing is forever, so just like we should cherish the magical moments in life, we should also know that the bad times aren’t forever, and there is always a better time ahead. I think today it’s easy to be consumed by the opinions of others, however try not to get too wrapped up in social media, supplying content on time or checking your analytics every 5 mins. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back, be thankful and believe in yourself, without the pressure of numbers or how to look good on the gram. Because 99% of the time we only see the happy times in a picture and don’t know what’s really going on in the background. Just know everyone has problems, no lives are perfect and you do matter. If you’re going through a difficult time, know there is always someone there. You can contact your local Samaritans branch or Action NI if you need to talk. You are worth so much more than your darkness 💖

Social media shines such a false light on how people truly are mentally and emotionally don’t you think? If you didn’t already know, today is ‘world suicide prevention day’. I felt really called to share a post about it as it hits really close to home after losing a beautiful family member to suicide not so long ago. Every 40 seconds a person dies from suicide. That’s utterly mind blowing (in the worst possible way). Having mental issues is truly not easy. So to anyone struggling right now, please know that you're not alone. Talk to someone, even if it's you neighbours cousin twice removed, your mum or dad or your best friends cat because a problem shared is a problem halved. Hopefully by sharing your struggles and experiences, it will help to prevent the helplessness and anguish you may be feeling, so you can get some help to begin the healing process. I also wanted this post to be a reminder for you. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. You exist, and therefore, you matter. You're allowed to voice your thoughts, feelings and opinions and to take up space. And you're allowed to remove anyone from your life who makes you feel otherwise. You are worth every single ounce of love the universe has to offer and more!
P.s I was going to talk about this recipe, but I’m running out of room! The Panna Cotta is a modified version of the Macadamia & Vanilla Panna Cotta (it tastes more like custard now 🤤) from our Sugarless Sweets eBook. And the probiotic raspberry coulis recipe i used is from GUTALICIOUS but I used strawberries instead because I had an abundance of fermented strawberries. It goes perfectly with these panna cottas 🙌🏻. Click the link in my insta bio if you want to get either the Sugarless Sweets eBook or the GUTALICIOUS cookbook, as theres more info about each one on my website ❤️❤️❤️

Join us on 30th August for the launch of @idi_ireland Mind Over Matter 2018 at Engine, Limerick City from 1pm. Entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses from all sectors can book a one hour consultation with Ireland's best designers. See https://bit.ly/2wm6FLi for free registration ☺ #mindovermatter #instituteofdesignersireland #awareireland #nationalmentalhealthday

Excited to elaborate more on this project. I was nervous that I might be the wrong person to direct something like this. As a man I felt oblivious..no that's not right. More like uneducated on the subject matters we touch upon.
@jordzf (writer/lead) assured me that I was wrong. She wanted someone who she can trust with this story and I am so humbled that she chose me. Jordan is honestly one of my favorite people I've gotten to know over these last couple months. I adore our friendship and was blown away by her writing and her talents as an actress.
This film even as a short is going to be giving a view that I honestly don't see enough of. Its witty. its irreverent, but also heartbreaking. Due to the real life connections of the film.
I know some of you might be sick of me asking for funds and I understand. I use crowdfunds because it allows us to make these films with complete artistic freedom. But I ask please take a look at this project and see if it resonates with you. I ask that you look at it with an open mind. The script made me laugh and cry so hard. I couldn't say no to this project and I hope you don't either.
Thanks to all who support me. We have 30 days to get there. Help us out.
Link: https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/that-thing-i-had-that-one-time?utm_campaign=cf&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_

#nationalmentalhealthday #fuckdepression Every single follower I want you to know that you are loved and that you should enjoy life. Don’t ever give into depression. If you need help PLEASE get help, it’ll save your life

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LMWIYS 2ND BLOG- By @jordiepieface - Qualified Nutritionist, GAPS Practitioner & Food Photographer.
The Surprising Connection Between Gluten & Depression:
Did you know that Australia is the second highest country prescribed with antidepressants in the world and there are roughly 3 million Australians living with depression.
So What Causes Depression?
Depression is complex. However, it can stem from a number of different root causes such as; past trauma or pain, gut imbalances, heavy metals, toxic mold exposure, chronic stress, Epstein-Barr virus, Lyme disease and more.
Both depression and anxiety are linked to high inflammation, nutrient deficiencies and imbalances in the gut flora, all of which can be linked back to consuming gluten.
So is eliminating gluten from the diet to help alleviate depressive symptoms something that is completely overlooked?
For more information on the connection between gluten and depression, head to our website for the full blog.

One week down and we still got a ways to go! While it’s no longer National Mental Health Awareness Month you can still support the cause. 100% of net-profits from Meeresvøgel will be going to NAMI! You can find out more by heading to my bio.

Tag your friends or family if you think they would be interested in the book!

#nationalmentalhealthday #fuckdepression Every single follower I want you to know that you are loved and that you should enjoy life. Don’t ever give into depression. If you need help PLEASE get help, it’ll save your life

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Got Stress?!?? Here is a list of foods that help support mental stress and anxiety.
Fresh Basil leaves, oranges, turmeric powder, spirulina powder, raw pumpkin seed, cacao powder, lemons and bananas. I’m gathering up these ingredients and will share with you 13 different recipes over the next two week, using these ingredients- Who’s joining me, Post a yes or picture of your produce. #nationalmentalhealthday #stress #foodismedicine

It's #NationalMentalHealthDay - an important reminder that sometimes it really is okay to not be okay, and that speaking up and out is essential. To anyone out there who this strikes a chord with - know that you're never alone 👌 #chariot180 #colchesterroughsleepersgroup #community #charity #colchester

I love you. I wish I loved me abit more but hey, I’ve found self-confidence is a strange thing. Sometimes lifting me up to the unimaginable achievements, to sometimes leaving me void, smashing me down to believing I’m crap. Nothing is constant, so don’t sweat the stuff ya can’t change, know your strengths an stick to reachable goals. I’ll keep on if you do, if necessary get help. TALK! To anyone, mostly someone that will support an help you through the darkness. I’m here for you. 🖤#nationalmentalhealthday

Tell your mind you can do it and your body will follow positive thinking gets great results💪🏻 This week is National Mental Health Awareness week in the UK. This year's focus is on stress awareness, and what better way to combat the stresses of daily life than by coming to a ((BOUNCE)) class?! Did you know exercise has been proven to help reduce stress due to the natural 'happy hormones' produced after exertion? We love the high we get after class, and these endorphins can really benefit your mental health, while our HIIT style workout focuses on the physical. It's win win!

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It’s national mental health awareness week. Go talk to your friends and family check that they are ok. Too many people suffer in silence #itsokaynottobeokay #nationalmentalhealthday #grime #bass #ukg #junglemuic #instamusic #house #ukgarage

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