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I was invited to attend an advance screening of Alpha (@AlphaTheMovie) in Miami!! 🎥🍿 As a VID (very important dog) I even got to walk the green carpet and have my photo taken by the puparazzi! 📷 •
This heartwarming movie is a must-see for all dog lovers. Two paws up! Check it out in theaters on Friday!🐺• #Ad #AlphaMovie #WhoSavedWho #TDAfam

On a stage of its own #Freakshowwine

April 1965 National Enquirer - The things you find when demolishing bathrooms and walls #NationalEnquirer #RenovationFinds #Newspaper

Don’t believe all you see. From lounging in front of the TV to “glam shot” with a little bit of photo editing. #nationalenquirer #johngile #fooltheeye #hedidntlikeit #photofiction

Always love reading The National Enquirer it's a full on Guilty Pleasure read but you do get the lies about Celebrities which are 100% untrue.#NationalEnquirer #GuiltyPleasure #ReadAllAboutIt

You wouldn't believe us if we told you so here's our proof. King of beats is afforded the gift of shapeshifting. We don't question, we just bow to the rhythm and rock out. #shapeshifter #drummer #rhythmofthenight #folklore #nationalenquirer #rockmusic #bands #yyc

full interview at  bit.ly/2vpZbqV

When Kathleen Turner, standing in the Vulture reception area, introduces herself in her singular throaty rasp, the effect is almost comic — who else has a voice like that? “This thing happens with restaurants,” says Turner as we walk to a conference room. “I’ll call up and say, ‘This is Kathleen Turner,’ and they’ll hear me and say, ‘Why yes it is.’” For a time, that voice, and her charismatic blend of steel and sass, made Turner one of film’s most interesting and popular actresses. The now-64-year-old starred in an impressive string of ’80s hits (Body Heat, Prizzi’s Honor, and Peggy Sue Got Married, among others, as well as The War of the Roses, Romancing the Stone, and The Jewel of the Nile, the latter trio all co-starring Michael Douglas). But by the mid-’90s, as a result of a devastating combination of illness, addiction, and, she says, an unfair reputation for being hard to work with, her era of big Hollywood success was over. Since then, Turner, a blunt talker, has turned most of her formidable energy to theater, and also regularly conducts master classes for acting students across the country. “I’ve been acting professionally for 41 years,” says Turner. “I think my ability to maintain a career for that long has a little something to do with quality, don’t you think?” She teasingly arches an eyebrow. “Maybe I’m being pie-eyed.”

Words to live by from George Henry Lewes #michaeldavidisms

I was wondering if these magazine were still in circulation only last week, crazy ass magazine 😂 #nationalenquirer #crazyheadlines #crazyfake #temptedtobuy #wannareadit #parentroadtrip #parentsontheloose

They just vowed to show negative press on democrats every day until the election. And they say #mainstreammedia is biased. They say if Manafort doesn’t have anything to do with collusion the FBI should ignore all the other crimes he’s committed. So if you think I’m a spy, but find out I’m a bank robber, you should ignore the bank shit because it happened in 2005. 😂😂😂 They’re so ridiculous that you have to be retarded to believe it. They’re the #nationalenquirer of cable tv.

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