Game 2 in my Path to glory campaign for Age of Sigmar. Sadly I did some silly deployment and my rolls were pretty shocking! Lost out on turn 5 but know what to do differently next time. Either way, the story is growing!


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3 games in 1 week! 😱 40 power level escalation league held at @asgardwargamesuk! The Death Guard didn’t manage to overwhelm the T’au but just like not completing a full course of antibiotics the Death Guard will fester and continue to infect! #warmongers #deathguard #nurgle #Tau #greatergood #narrativecampaign #meatgrinder #warhammer40000 #warhammer40k #warhammer #paintingwarhammer #paintingwarhammer40k #gamesworkshop #citadelpaints

The channel’s full Deathwatch list is nearing completion, Watch Master Diomedes and Watch Company Tertius descend from the Eye of Damocles to engage in purgation and interrogation missions critical to the Meritus Crusade!

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Hello all! Here we bring you another podcast episode! In this somewhat meandering episode, we discuss the framework of the upcoming narrative campaign for Grimdark Tales, and take a cursory dove into the forces of the Imperium that will be involved in the crusade to retake the sector! Enjoy!! https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-7ccdm-9c04c6

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Sorry that this is a bit late but it's been a manic weekend. (More to follow on that)... but my 3rd and final game of the @thelegionofpeterborough #narrative #horusheresy event #thescouringoflaernanprime was against Matt and his #30k #darkangels . The #1stlegion came up against my #legiocybernetica #mechanicum and the speedy #ravenwing couldn't handle to resilliance of the #battlebots ending in a huge win for the #loyalist #robots. A great game and really interesting to see how the #faq #vulturax work against so many fliers. -
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Game 2 at the #scouringoflaernanprime #narrativeevent was against the #hunkofheresy @emperors_path Sam and his #thralls of doom #ordoreductor #mechanicum list vs my #battlebots of the #legiocybernetica . A really bloody and close fought game ending with a 9 - 8 victory for my #robots. So much fun with another great opponent with a great army. Thanks Sam!
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Last night saw the Path to Glory campaign I'm taking part in kick off! Was an immensely fun game and I had almost as much fun doing all the narrative alongside it! Check it out at my Gdrive:


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Game 1 at @thelegionofpeterborough #narrative event #thescouringoflaernanprime was against the awesome looking #wordbearers of @tonka_567 . A really great game, very bloody to start and then my #thanatarcynis decided to go rogue and start pumping plasma shots into the back of my #archmagos head. A firm win for the #traitors here against the #legiocybernetica #mechanicum but still a great game against a great opponent. -
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And Clegane stopped.
The Kraken slowly got to his feet. The air seemed charged with the screams that whispered at the windows of the warpbound ship. ‘I had hoped you would not choose to test me brother’
Clegane hung in mid-air, his sword raised for a blow that would never come.
‘But you were ever the fool. You think yourself powerful? You are nothing to me’
Clegane’s armour slowly began to crumple. A last howl escaping his malformed vox-plate. ‘Iron within. Brother’
Blood ran sanguine from the joints of Clegane’s armour as his power armour continued to crumple and constrict, crushing the lord to a bloody pulp within his own armoured prison. Soon the figure of Clegane was twisted beyond recognition. A steadily growing puddle of blood grew beneath the dead lord’s feet. With a final burst of power Yezhov let him drop. Clegane fell to the floor of the ship heavily. His sword clattering to the ground by his side. The Kraken sunk to his knees.
All was silent but for the ragged breath of the sorcerer as he surveyed the Iron Warriors impassively at the edges of the bridge. Finally Chuikov stepped forward. ‘Your orders my lord?’
The Kraken turned to look at the terminator. His armour even now seemed to writhe with blasphemous power. ‘Commit their bodies to the void. There is much to be done’. #warhammer #warhammer40k #ironwarriors #narrativecampaign #narrative #fluff #remosangulf #40k
Models and narrative by @colonelgaraffi
Have a good one old chap


Then, a swirl of blue. The singing of swords as the clashed, swung, thrust, parried. Two duellists locked in a single moment of blow and counterblow. The light of the charged blades seemed to imprint heavily in the air, flashes of scintillating energy swung in great arcs, blossoming in fearsome clashes of metal on metal. Clegane was undoubtedly the more experienced fighter, but the Kraken’s mechatendrites gave him a fearsome agility the wounded lord could not match. Soon the champion was fighting at bay, gradually giving ground before a flurry of ripostes that filled the air with blue flame.
Suddenly, an overstep. Clegane replied with a fearsome slash to the Kraken chest that would have felled a lesser man. The sorcerer stumbled back. Now Clegane advanced with renewed intent, his sword hefted for a downward strike. Yezhov was fast, and rolled from the path of the swing, a mighty blow that cut deep into the floor of the ship. Yet Clegane still advanced. ‘
'Eͫͣͩ̈́̌́ͭ̍͊͏͏҉̖̦͍̥̫̗̳̣͕͙̥͓̖̹̗N̨̡̛̯̺̦̩͎̭͚̫̻͈ͨ̄ͯ̀͞͝ͅͅǪ̡̧͌͋̃̅͒ͯ̃̾ͦ̋ͩͨͧ̾̚҉̲̹̗̪̤͈̯̱͙͍͓̞̟͙̥U̍̑̓ͭ̐͌̇҉̷̰̪̼̹̦͙̭͍̜͍̜͞G̵̢̪̙̯̖̪̫͈̪̪̻̤̻ͥ̓͑͂ͮ͒̏̉H̢͖͍̞̥̦̗̜̳̟̬͖̞̥̥̜̠̝͇̮͗ͪ̈ͯ̇̓̿̏̉̽̑̚͟!’ The Kraken roared, something beyond his vox plate amplifying his voice into some terrible song of damnation that echoed around the chamber. The sorcerer’s eyes shone with warpflame, his sword spattered with renewed vigour. His hand extended towards Clegane.
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Models and Narrative by @colonelgaraffi

Part 3 ‘Lord Clegane’
The Kraken’s voice rasped from behind his stylised faceplate. ‘Many feared you had been killed’
Clegane stopped. Turning his sword point down he lent upon it and surveyed the scene. Removing his own dog-faced helmet he bowed his own head towards the figure of Zhukov now being lowered onto the airlock floor. Only his three great brass keys were still with him, clasped in his right hand. ‘So, it is true. The Warsmith is dead’
‘We commit him to the warp brother. To the embrace of the Gods’
Clegane laughed bitterly, grinning his shattered teeth. ‘Zhukov hated the Gods Yezhov. Almost as much as he hated you’
The Kraken bristled. His mechanical legs whirred about him like agitated cobras. His hand rested upon the pommel of his own sheathed sword. ‘This hardly seems the time for such accusations my lord’
‘Oh no?’
Clegane took a heavy step forward, raising his sword. The rest of the Iron Warriors watched on. The air hummed with meteoric power. ‘I think it’s exactly the time. You make no secret that you see yourself as Zhukov’s successor. But I’d sooner rot than see you on his throne. You’re a snivelling coward, a dark god’s puppet. You are no Warsmith. Where were you when the order to advance came?’
‘I was hunting down the sniper, my lord’
The Kraken spat
‘Protecting the life of the Warsmith! And your own advance seems to have done little for our cause. Your sword is clean oh mighty champion. Mine is not. And I saw the blood of those Iron warriors who fell on your fool’s assault!’
Clegane grimaced in barely contained anger, slipping on his own black helm and hefting his sword with the other. The Kraken withdrew his sword, wreathed in glittering blue warpflame. With a low hum Clegane brought his own sword to life. The two legionnaires stood there in the blinking light of the bridge, each as still as their lord that lay in the airlock. Each on guard. Fate hung ephemerally upon the scene.
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Models and Narrative by @colonelgaraffi


Onboard Zhukov’s flagship, The Stoic Warden the lord was carried to his flight deck, laid out with his weapons and armour. Chuikov himself unclasped the great wolf cloak of the warlord. It was folded beside him. One by one the pieces of his battered kataphracti armour were pried loose. The Iron Warriors were practical. The armour would serve another warlord. And it was not the armour that had made Zhukov an angel of death.
Soon Zhukov lay all but naked, his body a web of scar tissue and internal bionics that protruded beneath the skin like monstrous parasites. The seared hole through his torso left by the lascannon revealed as many wires and mechanisms as veins and organs. His hands were by his side. His boltgun and his chainfist lay within reach, a mark of respect, but again they would not join him when he was committed to the void. Zhukov would undertake that journey alone.
The Kraken watched the ritual from beside the great seat of the flight deck. He nursed his own wounds; an exitus bullet had passed directly through his jaw, and coagulated blood still hung to his faceplate. His head was bowed in respect, and occasionally a single drop of crimson fell to the throne below. The statement was clear.
As Zhukov was being loaded into the airlock another figure limped into the room. The Kraken turned and was surprised to see Lord Clegane hobbling into the chamber. By all accounts Clegane had led the advance on the Mechanicus positions, the sector where the Iron Warrior’s casualties had proved most catastrophic. Few astartes had returned alive. None had returned in one piece. Clegane’s armour was blistered by the searing energy it had endured. He limped heavily on his left leg, and there his greave ran with blood that snaked down the subtle folds of the armour. Clegane still held his great two-handed power sword, conspicuously clean in the light of the blood that smeared the floor of the flagship bridge. ....
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Models and Narrative by @colonelgaraffi


They found Zhukov in the shadow of the tower, where the fighting had been thickest. His colossal form was undiminished in death, for having fallen into a kneeling position he still rose above those Iron Warriors who came to gaze upon their leader. His beard and what remained of his ragged cloak still rustled impotently in the breeze yet there was a great stillness in his form. A warrior of 10,000 years at last given to rest.
His armour told a tale of the bloody deadlock at the Revelation’s Lookout. Meltablasts, sniper wounds, a searing las-burn carved across his burnished armour. Knife scratches, no doubt belonging to the dismembered Scions that littered the ground around the giant. His face, though they eyes were obscured by ocular lenses still roared Zhukov’s final defiant scream. His arms hung limp at his sides. The flames of the predator burning nearby anointed the scene in a fiery glow that glittered across shining brass.
Although the Death Guard now thronged around the base of the tower, evacuating as much geneseed as could be found before the detonation of the charges planted by the Mechanicus a small eddy formed around the crouched lord, a circle of Iron. Sons of Perturabo nurturing fresh wounds. Tank crewmen, marauders, terminators. Each one bloodied by their advance to the tower.
It took several men to carry the fallen lord to his land raider. So few Iron Warriors remained. Here the ground was littered with gore splattered gunmetal. Looking down at his Warsmith bathed in the red glow of the land raider’s interior Chuikov knew no price of geneseed was worth such devastation.
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Models and Narrative by @colonelgaraffi

I am using these three books to write a skirmish-level, escalating #narrativecampaign for #ageofsigmar
I will be painting models and filming our progress in a #battlereport series. It will have several factions with an intertwining story. #warhammer

Morth, a Chaos Renegade and a Champion of Nurgle from my homebrew solo 40K 8e / 1988 Realm of Chaos narrative campaign. Originally named Achaam, a coven member of the warband of Renegade Space Marine, Thak. After the death of his master and the other covenants in a series of battles on the wastes on Gamusi, Achaam took on the name Morth and stepped upon the Path of Inevitability of Quartum Sapientus, the Book of the Four Virtues and the Eightfold Path to Enlightenment.
The base model is a Poxwalker with Ungor head and a Genestealer Cults shotgun.. and some greenstuff. I know the GS on the shotgun isn’t too sharp, I hope the paint saves this! 😅

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(circa 4680118.M42) "When compared to empire-shattering events such as the traumatic and violent birth of the Cicatrix Maledictum, the Blackness that followed, the Indomitus Crusade launched by Primarch Guilliman himself, and the Plague Wars, the uprising on Asylus in the far reaches of Ultima Segmentum may seem like an inconsequential affair to most. Whoever holds such beliefs is an irredeemable fool. A planet that falls prey to internal strife and conflict is dire enough; a planet that falls into the clutches of a xenos-worshipping cult is far worse and the portent of a doom more terrifying than a fool's darkest nightmares.

Failure to contain this cult could trigger a chain of events that could lead to the utter devastation of countless Imperial planets, systems, and even whole sectors. The fate of the whole Segmentum hangs in the balance and only the brave souls of the Emperor's Imperial Guard have any chance to stop this revolt before it is too late..." - Xanthia Ephese, Ordo Xenos
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