Nap time consists of sorting and folding washing in silence with a hot tea 😍👌🏻 pretty winning Thursday tbh 😂😂

I remember times in our old farmhouse where leaving a room to attend to a load of laundry would result in a pulse racing panic. It’s fair to say that there is nothing more terrifyingly adorable than a nonverbal child falling asleep in an unsuspecting location. Any parent can imagine the anxiety you would feel walking into an empty room you had safely left your child in moments before. I would mentally recall if all the doors where locked, windows latched and baby gates in place as I searched for her. She would inevitably be found tucked behind a chair or burrowed under a cushion snoozing away, but not having the comfort of a child’s verbal response to the calling of their name can leave a parent in a heightened state of stress. #throwbackthursday

5 more minutes mom!! 😴😴

Dream on baby girl 💕 At what age did your baby start dropping some of their naps? Colette is still taking at least 3 naps throughout the day before bed time. They usually last between 1-2 hours. Im hoping she doesn't drop one of them soon, it's nice to have a little free time to get some things done! #SleepingBaby

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