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Brynne Oster-Bainnson is a Grad Student at NYU, who moved to New York from Portland, wanting to educate herself further in costume design. We met her in Washington Square Park and got to talk to her about her work and inspiration. She even showed us some of her sketches! On one of the pictures you can see her work come to life in the show “Pete the Cat” at @octportland. "What I like about costume design is how you can tell a person’s story just by looking at them. Right now I am observing people who are walking by to sketch them. I am thinking about what type of person they are and if I was to costume a show if they could be an inspiration for a character that I would be working on. I like taking inspiration from the world around me to help me tell a story that a lot of other artists will collaborate on and create this new world that exists in a film or a play."
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All smiles today. Came to see my surgeon today. And thank goodness he doesn’t think I need another manipulation, just extra physical therapy sessions to help with my bend. I’m only getting 110-114 bend on my own, that’s why stairs are so difficult still. But he’s says I’m doing great considering, I had them done both at the same time , and it’s only been 6 months since the surgery and 4months since my Manipulation. He’s confident I’ll be fully active in no time. As for my keloids, hey 🤷🏻‍♀️, everything can’t be perfect. And if I just have to deal with some scars , that’s totally fine with me. I can say,even though I don’t see a difference in how they look,since starting the steroid injections for the keloids, there is definitely a major difference in how the scars feel, and even around the area of the scar. No more crazy sharp pains , no insane itching feeling, no weird tingly sensations. Im definitely happy so far with my decision and the outcome. The only one problem is stairs. Stairs are so frustrating, especially since I have to deal with public transportation. The only one good thing is since I have to use my cane for stairs, when I do have to take the train it “almost” always guarantees me a seat. Lol #smile #everythingtakestime #trusttheprocess #nyc #nyu #postop #bilateral #kneereplacement #mybeautifulscars #keloids #havefaith #inoneself #iwillconquer #goals #julesisresilient

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The first thing that comes to mind when we hear about dreams is the Malcolm X 'I had a dream' speech. We know he had one but what are your dreams? What's a goal you really want to accomplish but you've lost faith in it or don't have the time for it? Maybe revisit it. It might not be as elusive as you think. Happy Monday yall! #motivationmonday #nyu #nsbe #quotes #langstonhughes

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Já ouviu falar em ODONTOLOGIA GUIADA? Quer ser mais preciso e alcançar mais previsibilidade em seus procedimentos? Sabe todas as soluções e ferramentas que o DSD pode te oferecer? Fácil, junte-se a nós em um curso oficial DSD!!
De 27-29 setembro estaremos em Linhares ES, com o curso oficial DSD Concept totalmente 3D! Trazendo todas as atualizações e muitas novidades! Falaremos da aplicação do conceito nas mais diversas especialidades (implanto, perio, orto, prótese, dentistica, etc) faremos escaneamento intra-oral e Mockup ao vivo e trabalharemos com o fantástico DSDApp em nosso hands-on! Tudo isso e muitas outras novidades estão sendo preparadas! Essa é uma grande oportunidade para você entrar de vez na odontologia digital, quebrar paradigmas e acrescentar muito valor na sua odontologia!! Vem com a gente!!
Para maiores Informações deixe sua mensagem aqui ou entre em contato pelo tel 27-99272-7573
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Countdown to college, Day 6. Next big move — walking! The kid was ecstatic. Freedom! @john_apted_the1st #collegebound #NYU

At NYU, you are amongst the BEST. Just 5 miles from our campus is the best hospital in the state of New York, ranked by U.S News & World Report #NYU 💜

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Introducing Coach Spotlights! 🌟
We're putting the spotlight on our coaches for students and alumni to learn more about the amazing people that work for the CCWP. These hardworking individuals are dedicated to working with you throughout your career journey! 👏
This week the spotlight is on our wonderful coach, Julia Macleod! 🗣️
Q: Tell us about your background and how you came to work at CCWP?
A: Prior to Stern I worked for Morgan Stanley, Private Wealth Management in London. I moved to the US with my family 4 years ago. The opportunity to work at Stern in career services has been fantastic and a way for me to enhance one of my favorite aspects of my career, coaching and fostering people’s career path.
Q: What is the most common question you get from current students? Alumni?
A: Students: Looking at my experience what specific industry and function am I a good fit for?
Alumni: How do I navigate a pivot?
Q: What is your favorite part about coaching?
A: Working with a diverse group of interesting, smart people who guide individuals toward the next step in their career.
Q: What is the best kept secret about CCWP?
A:We create bespoke coaching sessions for you for life….for free!!
Q: If there was one business book you would recommend all Sternies read, what would it be?
A: I usually read fiction and have a ton of books to recommend…..business wise…Give & Take by Adam Grant or Lead by Example by John Baldoni.
Q: Same question, what's the one movie all business people should watch?
A: The Wolf of Wall Street and Rogue Trader.
Schedule an appointment with Julia in your career account today! 💜

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Clean 1 Bedroom with Washer/Dryer Right Off Museum Mile 🏛 📍E 110th

Newly Gut Renovated
Marble Kitchen
Stainless Steel Appliances
Ample Counter Space
2nd Floor Walk Up
Stone and Marble Bathroom with Rain Shower

Trains: 4,5,6,2,3 🚊
Grocery/Supermarket: Brand New City Fresh

1 Year Lease Only $1995 / Available NOW 📲 Call / Text Efrain @ 917-455-4041


Credit 680+
Income $79,800 Minimum Combined Annually
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