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O M A N’ S •47th• N A T I O N A L D A Y🇴🇲❤️يا عُمان ما غيرك وطن
•Dress Designed by: @alaa00alsiyabi

Waiting for daddy to come home like 🤤 @keithgreen5380 on set for @modelmodele

You don’t have to change just because the world tells ,you have to fit with beauty standards.Thats endless amount of forms!
You are beautiful way you are ,
Beauty comes from inside 💙🎈💕
All you need to do SMILE 😊
Happy Weekend ☀️⭐️
📸 @pattabb

you think you see the world?
I’ll tell you nothing’s how it seems.. photo| @phraa

I had another one of those dreams where I’m running from someone that’s trying to kill me.
Found out at the end of my dream that I was a real G lol

My hair gets so dry with this cold weather and I’m always tempted to just cut it off 😩 It gets on hay 🐴 status and I get impatient and hide it in a bun, then it turns into a little nest 😭. This week I used @palmers Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack to give my curls some loving and the moisture it’s missing. Of course they need some more loving but they’re already looking juicy and defined again 🙌🏼. I have to remind myself to stay patient and to give my hair extra love during this time of year 💛
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SICK BOI V. || SHOOT IN HOTEL RM 666, xx. || 🥀🃏🥀

Look yourself in the eyes when you look in a mirror ... You may not even realize it, but most many* people won't make eye contact with themselves. Especially if you have confidence issues or social awkwardness, it's harder to get over if you can't even look yourself in the eye. It took me about a month to stop automatically averting my gaze, and the improvement is remarkable.
*Edit: I want to address some of the major criticisms this has received.
1: It doesn't have to apply to you to be a Life Pro Tip.
An LPT is a tip that improves your life in a meaningful way.
Confidence and positive self image are pretty meaningful to those of us who lack them.
2: People don't seem to understand the purpose of this. It isn't "look at your eyes in the mirror and tell yourself how pretty you are". It's, "Hey, have you noticed if you don't make eye contact with yourself? Start!" I never claimed everyone with self esteem issues could use this, nor that only they could.
3: Given the "I wish more people would understand mental illness" thread the other day, I'm appalled at how many people here are being outright insulting to people they know nothing about, nor understand to any capacity. Mocking people for not being able to look their self in the eye is childish and ignorant, regardless of their mental status.
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concrete jungle

If you guys want a little get to know me video checkout my story, your girl is back in action! Also happy birthday to Antoine and all my Scorpio’s babies, you guys are always reliable to me (especially my fav Grandma) :) PHOTO @anttmann
MUA @jvbartistryx

A mind is like an umbrella, only useful when open. 🌂☔
📷 by @nycinstagram
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Candid post. 4 weeks later at the gym. I’m 100 pounds and am able to run again. I love going to the gym, because it’s the one place I feel like superwoman and where I can do anything. Remember the numbers and sizes don’t matter. Always know you’re worth it and love your imperfections.

Skin and fur
Top = Thrifted
Jacket = @express
Jeans = @hm

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