Custom Elite Raymond Rowe Figure!!
I really enjoyed making this custom, and for once I was actually excited to paint tattoos!
Keep an eye out for @warbeardhanson as he is coming soon.
Please tag @raymondxrowe in the comments!!
#nodecalclub #handpainted

My newest custom elite!!! RICOCHET!!
This took me about 16 hours and a whole lot of concentration!
The head sculpt is a modified Bo Dallas head, and I think it does it’s job quite well.
The tattoos were the hardest part obviously, as there were so many of them with minuscule detail, especially the running writing on his chest, this IMO was the hardest part of the entire custom.
Please tag @kingricochet in the comments, as I would love him to see this :)

No disrespect. But you can have your #customclub meanwhile I will remain in the #nodecalclub 💪🏼

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