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practice is just ALWAYS
i'm thinking of a number from 1-1000,
the first person to guess it wills be followed!!
dm me for the lists of gymnasts💙

This is a real classic, lol

I'm sure some teachers don't even pay attention to the date 😂 but just incase 👌

TAKE A SHOT EVERY TIME DANNY DELIVERS THIS LINE 🍺 I dare ya 😜 Danny 😂 my man with the annoying one liner. What did everyone think of Iron Fist in #TheDefenders?

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Muita gente não gosta dos filmes do #AdamSandler e isso não é segredo para ninguém. Mas se depender da #Netflix, o número de pessoas que adoram o cara é bem maior e eles continuarão explorando isso! Segundo o #BuzzFeed e o The Verge, a empresa divulgou na segunda-feira (17/04) uma carta aos seus investidores onde o seguinte dado aparece: desde o lançamento da comédia #TheRidiculous6, no fim de 2015, #assinantes da Netflix já gastaram 500 milhões de horas reproduzindo filmes do Adam Sandler! Reed Hastings, CEO da Netflix, não diz se esse número marca algum recorde no serviço de #streaming, mas também se não for a coisa continua numa escala enorme. Vale apontar que a Netflix possui cerca de 98 milhões de assinantes, outro dado informado na carta. Sandler fará mais cinco filmes originais e exclusivos da Netflix, sendo um do contrato original e mais quatro do novo contrato. As produções já lançadas além de “The Ridiculous 6” são “Zerando a Vida” e “Sandy Wexler”. Fonte: PapelPop
E qual seu filme favorito do Adam Sandler?!
❗SIGAM a ADM ➡️ @Nandinhatw

Favorite Side Characters ? Comment Below your Favorite Supporting Character from the #Marvel / #Netflix Series ! 🤔 It was so cool getting to see them all meet in #TheDefenders ! 😍🙌🏽 #MarvelCinematicUniverse 💥#MCU#Marvel

In 1975, Luke Cage and Daredevil teamed up in the 24th issue of Marvel's 'The Defenders.' It was, in fact, the only story in that comic's 15-year existence in which any of the characters on Netflix's identically titled series would meet. The 2017 incarnation – Daredevil and Luke Cage, plus Jessica Jones and Iron Fist – comes forth with the rampaging momentum of the four individual series that preceded it. Read about the history of 'The Defenders' at RollingStone.com. Photograph by Sarah Shatz

Voici le teaser de la saison 2 de Riverdale, de retour le 11 octobre ! 💻🔥
Qui a hâte ? ✋️
#riverdale #netflix #comingsoon #season2


~•i am honestly the easiest person to impress because no one has ever bought me flowers or taken me on a picnic or any of that romantic junk and i would honestly just melt at any of it•~
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oh hey look what popped up in #netflix

Finished #Marvel #thedefenders and will put up a Vlog tomorrow morning. #Netflix #Daredevil #jessicajones #lukecage #ironfist

Sitting waiting wishing #Accidentshappen #netflix #comeatmebro

Announcing DOUBLE EXPOSURE 2017 Symposium Lineup!
- Urgent and compelling discussions w/ luminaries of film and journalism;
- Hands-on workshops with partners such as Doc Society (Formerly Britdoc) & the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting;
- Pre-arranged one-on-one meetings with industry insiders;
- Pro Bono Legal Clinic: meetings with lawyers on hand to provide advice to storytellers and journalists.
Plus conversations with filmmakers of this year's buzziest investigative documentaries, Icarus, The Keepers, Nobody Speak: Trials of a Free Press, and others.
Join us! http://bit.ly/2w4xqDs (Graphic by Moruomi) #doubleexposurefestival #investigativejournalism #netflix #documentary #filmfestival

Maravilhosa mesmo! #Repost @sarudrop (@get_repost)
E hoje tem mais uma dica, dessa vez sobre essa série maravilhosa da #Netflix! Link na bio 😊
#Atypical #Humor #Serie

"If you know what I mean. After all it is #smexywednesday my friends. Les get sexy!"

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