Here is Tina Roberts with 38 years of service to her elders. Tina is a dedicated CNA who wears many hats in her nursing home that is based out of Tennessee. Not only does she provide transportation, care, fundraising to help fellow CNAs to conference. But Tina is a strong supporter of the NAHCA Elder Guard and Steering Commission Member. Get to know Tina at nahcacareforce.org #NAHCAELDERGUARD #NAHCASteeringCommission #CNA #cnalife #MakingADifference #SuperCNAs #IfWeDontWhoWill

The first time I went to conference I sat in amazement as I watched all the excitement and energy flow through the room. This all built up to the awards ceremony and watching people going up on stage to accept. My best conference memory is last year as the culmination of all our work at courtyard was recognized and we accepted the NAHCA facility of the year. It was an amazing feeling to watch as my team members there and back home were honored for using the tools and ideas given to us to be better CNA'S and better people. -Brent Hurley, Courtyard Health Care center, Steering Commission Member #Cnalife #Cna #NationalCNAConference #KeytoQualityAwards #NAHCASteeringCommission

Meet Wendell Anderson from Phoenix, Arizona at Maravilla Care Center. With 29 years of service as a Certified Nursing Assistant the dedication to quality care is dear to his heart. Not only is Wendell a member of the NAHCA Steering Commission with the role of Vice Chair. He is also an unyielding force within the Let's Talk CNAs mission to educate, discuss issues within the CNA Community and more. You can find Let's Talk CNAs on FB where the team has recorded CNAs of the NAHCA Elder Guard taking the NAHCA Elder Guard Pledge.
Be a part of the mission! At nahcacareforce.org #MakingADifference #NAHCA #SuperCNAs #IfWeDontWhoWill #NAHCASteeringCommission #Cnalife #CNAStrong #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork

Meet Sheena Bumpas from Duncan,Oklahoma. Sheena is a Certified Nursing Assistant with 13 years of service. Here in this picture the t-shirt saying holds true. As a part of the NAHCA Steering Commission, NAHCA Elder Guard, NAHCA Leadership Team President Sheena Bumpas stands out to make difference in her communities. Get to know Sheena and see how you can join the NAHCA Elder Guard today! Nahcacareforce.org @NAHCA #MakingADifference #cnalife #NAHCAELDERGUARD #NAHCASteeringCommission #supercnas #IfWeDontWhoWill

Meet Julie Kennedy from Dubuque,Iowa at Hawkeye Care Center. Julie has 27 years of service and holds the Chair in the NAHCA Steering Commission. As a member of the NAHCA Elder Guard Julie has a high standards in protecting our nation's Elders. Get to know Julie at nahcacareforce.org and see how you can join the NAHCA Elder Guard today.
@NAHCA #MakingADifference #NAHCASteeringCommission #Cnalife #supercnas #NAHCAELDERGUARD #certifiednursingassistant

Sherry Perry is a Certified Nursing Assistant from Quality Health & Rehab in Tennessee with 29 years of service. Last week as an NAHCA Steering Commission Member, Sherry met with fellow team members to discuss ways in elevating the CNA profession. Get to know Sherry at nahcacareforce.org and see how you can get involved with the NAHCA Elder Guard today.
@NAHCA #Cnalife #MakingADifference #NAHCASteeringCommission #IfWeDontWhoWill #NAHCAELDERGUARD

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