Moment of Transparency: Some days I think to myself, “How Are You Going To Do It” then I quickly remind myself that it’s the strength of the Lord...today was one of those days. Had to leave school early yesterday because Kayleigh had a fever, up most of the night with her, headed to work early this morning to make sure things were ready for my sub, came back home and got the other 2 ready and dressed for school, during the day I was able to get some school things ready for next week in between cuddling with the kid, then it was time to pick the others up from school, then get Josiah ready for his game, with the 3 year old and other kiddo in tow... luckily she began to feel better for a lil bit. Head home after a great game, then it’s time to bathe them, fix dinner, and get ready to do it all again on tomorrow.

I PRAY that my children, especially my son, doesn’t just see the survival, but the faith and perseverance too.
His BIGGEST Fan!!! #MySonShine⚾️ #8

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