This is my dad. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, pain in the butt and loves baseball.
#MyOldMan #Daddy #Mateo #OfcourseHisNameIsHector

The other day was my old mans birthday. The eldest of them all mr bandit turned 17!! I love my old man puppo he acts like a puppy and loves like no other. The original the one and only Bandit. Happy Birthday to my puppy 17 years and going strong! #bandit #birthdaypuppy #17yearsold #myoldman #pitbull #terrier #mixed

Jack was all over my timehop today 💔
I miss you every day old man
Life isn’t the same without you. I wish I could just go back and have one my day with you to cuddle you and tell you how much I love you. 🐶😔 #jackrusselllove #myoldman #misshimeveryday

I love my job!! The doctor I work for and my co workers! I get to bring my sweet Nicolas with me. Earlier he was awake and cooing and when I turned he was asleep. #bestview #babyfeels #myoldman 💙

Crazy how time flies by. This is still one of my favorite memories with my pop, a smash and grab trip to Chicago and getting to see one of the coolest ball fields in history. We sat through multiple rain delays that day,but it didn’t matter in the slightest. #myoldman #wrigleyfield #feelslikeyesterday#bucketlist✔#makingmemories

Happy birthday Babe! Matteo and I love you so much and wish that you have many more amazing and blessed years to come! We thank God everyday for having you in our lives. We hope we made your weekend unforgettable! We love you always and forever! 😘🎂 #MatteoAzriel #DirtyThirty #MyOldMan #WeLoveYou

I’ve always been a daddies girl !! 🤟🏼 They freed my pops 💯 #Myoldman #mymainOG

This guy had a rough week last week and once again gave us a bunch of scares, but he continues to bounce back and is doing pretty good so far! Took him for a nice walk by the lake on this beautiful day :) #thebuddy #bayley #bay #myoldman #mygoodpuppydoggy #heisagooddog #love #lakewood #lakewoodpark #lakeerie 💙🐶☀️

When mom gets you a yummy brownie, you go cray cray! #goldenretriever #mybaby #myoldman ##campbell #treattime #lovehim

I really thought Sabith couldn't handle all the hills ect, but he proved me wrong. He had a lot of fun! #pitbullsofinstagram #myoldman #dogsofinstagram

Happy birthday Baba ❤️
Thank you for giving me the most beautiful life ever. Thank you for letting me grow up with a mind of my own and always letting me make my own decisions in life(no matter how weird and messed up it might get sometimes, like that time when I decided to wear a swimming cap with a frilly dress to a birthday party when I was 8 or so 🤓). Thank you for always standing by me and making me understand that just because I sucked at mathematics, didn’t mean I was stupid. From taking me to salt lake stadium to watch football matches to introducing me to the best of music, films and art, from taking me for regular scooter rides at nights, especially during exams for some stress relief to playing Cupid between me and biriyani, you have really given the most wonderful things in life. Thank you for being my debate partner, singing partner, for being my student when I would play ‘teacher teacher’ and for being the best friend that I always needed. When I see all the baby product ads showing the mother doing all the work involving baby powder, soap, shampoo, food, diaper, I really feel like making them meet you and letting them know that my father did all these things when I was growing up. You are such a wonderful man baba. You are kind, compassionate, you have a heart made of gold and you are always there for anybody who needs you . I am so fortunate that I was raised by you. I love you Baba. Thank you for filling my life with magic, love, beautiful tunes , memorable conversations and funny anecdotes.
P.s. I am not such a fan of the forgetfulness and the nose that you have passed onto me, but for all the magic that you have added in my life, I can live with forgetting a few things and a pakoda nose.
#happybirthday #baba #father #myoldman #bff

"Slow down, you move too fast
You got to make the morning last
Just kicking down the cobblestones
Looking for fun and feelin’ groovy
Ba da da da da da da, feelin’ groovy"


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