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Whoa! Day 3 of 80. Cardio Core = HIIT + ab intervals. These sliders are pretty cool.
Here’s what I discovered today. I did NOT think I could handle this program and almost did not enroll in it. Then one day I lost my mind and (oopsies) signed up. 😂
Tonight, when I started, I thought I would just modify the ab part of these sliders BUT I made a deal with myself that I would at least give each move a try. And guess what? I could do them. Not alllll the reps but, “progress, not perfection”, right? 📈
I feel so great right now!!!! Not even kidding. Body is strong and and so is my mind. 🧠 If you aren’t doing some form of exercise and are feeling blah, you should give it a try. Man, what a feeling.

#ClientDairies with just the best Nemo we know 🐠👙
#Repost @plushpaletteforever ・・・
Everyone says there are more fish in the sea but there is really just one like me. Coincidentally I also am dressed in the anemone or more commonly known as a clown fish theme but as marine biologist would say, this is a faux clown Fish 🤗🙆🏻‍♀️ #findingNemo? look no more!! #myhappyplace #noblackstripes 📷: @malhotrarhea /w @gopro 👙: @nothing.swim 🧜‍♀️: @plushpaletteforever .
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A few days late but man oh man did I have an awesome birthday weekend! Thank you to all the amazing ladies that showed up for the festivities. I had a blast and truly enjoyed the presence of each and everyone of you. AND a special thanks to @iamjamestate for being the best host/party planner EVER! Thank you for everything! Love you babe! 😘 I just LOVE being back in San Diego. #SD #MyHappyPlace 😊#35MakesMeHappy #iLike2018 #BirfdayFun 😊👯‍♀️👯‍♀️🍾🥂🍷💃🏽

They say there are no sick days from motherhood, and it’s true. Though I could not have gone through the past 4 days of this terrible flu - the worst I remember from my whole adulthood - without help and support of my husband who eased Leo’s related duties and let me just stay in bed when I couldn’t get out of it. What’s also true is that when you are a mother you look at things with a very different perspective. Being sick worries you not because you worry about your own well-being but because you worry about not being able to take care of your child and/or because you don’t want to pass along the sickness to him. Through my sweat drenching cold chills I’ve been thinking only that this is how Leo feels when he is sick, and I don’t want him to go through this. Keeping my hopes and prayers high for that flu shot we did for him about a month ago.. 🙏🏻Stay healthy and take care of your loved ones!💙

There...I fixed it.

#madonna #zombie #undead
Hand painted porcelain planter

Weird...a picture of one of my favorite coaches telling me to finish the pull on my🏋🏻‍♀️🤯 One day I’ll listen 🤥🤦🏻‍♀️ #crossfitgirls #snatch #girlswholift #goals #practice #makingmuscles #thisishard #ilovethisshit #myhappyplace

We are almost there.... excavating the driveway today. PCI inspection booked in for next week 🤗 #buildingourfirsthome #edenbraehomes #edenbrae #gregoryhillsherewecome #soexcited #homesweethome #myhappyplace #bringonfeb2018

Sometimes you invade your kids' room to do your workout if they've taken over the living room....

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