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I’ve been very outspoken about my genuine appreciation for the @gillette Fusion5 ProShield, but the brand has so much more to offer, like the Styler right here!! Check out the blog post today 💪🏼 #MyGilletteShave #GillettePartner #1dapperst

People always ask me why I don't grow a beard... Thanks to @Gillette for helping me keep my boyish good looks! Checkout @meijerstores for Gillette3 and Gillette5 razors - both under 10 bucks!
#MyGilletteShave #GillettePartner

Attention men! Having trouble maintaining that perfect beard? @BETExperience and @gillette have got you covered! Join us as we present #MustLoveBeards - The perfect way to learn beard conditioning tips and to stay fresh! #MyGilletteShave

@Gillette's Personalized Razor service turns you designer — hit the link in my bio to get a new razor handle with #YourDesignHere... or mine 😏 I LIKE YOU! #MyGilletteShave

There are two things that always make me feel fresh and confident: a new haircut & a clean shave. While I do have to wait in between haircuts, I never have to wait for a clean shave with the @Gillette On Demand service. I get new razors delivered to my door just by sending a text - and every 4th order is free for subscriptions! Try it out for yourself and save $3 off your first order 😎💪🏼 Link in Bio #MyGilletteShave #GillettePartner

[ZOOM IN or SWIPE LEFT] 😆 See the resemblance? I customized this razor as a birthday gift for my Dad using the new @Gillette On Demand personalization service. What better way to put a smile on his face each day than by seeing this *totes adorable* baby pic of me as he shaves each morning…am I right?? 🤣🤣 Check out the link in my profile to customize your own razor and get creative with it! They make a clever gift for dads, grads, and friends no matter what the occasion! #YourDesignHere #MyGilletteShave #GillettePartner

Loving my new razor that @Gillette sent me in the mail. ✉️📬 All silky smooth skin thanks to the Gillette Fusion Proglide silvertouch razor with Flexball technology. ✨
#Gillette #吉列 #Proglide #Ad

Nowadays it’s all about convenience and that’s why I’m using the new @Gillette On Demand service to keep me stocked with razors all year long. It’s one less thing on my to-do list this summer so I can enjoy other things like more bbqs, rooftops, and beach days! 😊
You can order your razors on a preset schedule or as needed either online or via text once you sign up. Plus every 4th order is free for subscribers – and who doesn’t love that?? 🙌🏽#MyGilletteShave #GillettePartner
[Check out the link in my bio for more info]

For a smooth shave I use @gillette Series Moisturizing Shave Gel to maintain my skins natural moisture and a clean shave. 📷 @ccthelove #mygilletteshave

One of my life pet peeves is forgetting I've run out of something essential and having to hit the store to restock. Plus I have no regular supermarket shopping schedule, so a service like @Gillette On Demand where I subscribe and get new razors delivered to my door without me having to remember it is the best. Hit the link in my bio for more info – there's $3 off your first order, and every fourth order is free for subscribers. #MyGilletteShave #GillettePartner

You should always look and feel fresh, and now @Gillette is making that even easier with Gillette On Demand. This awesome service is a super convenient and affordable way to make sure you're always stocked with the razors you love. Try this great service out, and you will receive $3 off your first order, and if you subscribe every 4th order is free! One less step in keeping yourself in tip top shape can't be a bad thing! If you opt to just order as-needed, you can trigger your next delivery via the Gillette website or by just texting “BLADES” to the number BLADES (252-337). So easy! #MyGilletteShave #GillettePartner

Love shaving with my personalized YoAnty @Gillette razor. You can personalize your own, click the link in my bio to try it out! #MyGilletteShave #GillettePartner

Restocking on the MACH3 for the next month with @Gillette before jetting off to Men's Fashion Week. Join the Gillette On Demand service and never have to worry about not having a razor again. You can order your next delivery online or just text “BLADES” to the number BLADES (252-337) once you’re registered. Plus every 4th subscription order is free! Make life easy. #MyGilletteShave #GillettePartner

Over the years, I’ve tested out countless razor blades, but the one I always come back to (which was also my fist razor) is @Gillette. They’re now offering a super easy, convenient way to get razors shipped directly to your door with Gillette Oon Demand. This truly eliminates the hassle of having to go to the store to shop for them yourself. What’s great is that you get $3 off your first order, and every 4th order is free for subscribers. You can even text “BLADES” to re-order if needed – which is what I do.
#GillettePartner #BlakeScott #MyGilletteShave

On Father’s Day we should honor the people who made us who we are — the men we are. For me, it was my dad, my step-dad, and my mom alike. My mom was actually the one who taught me how to shave with my first @gillette razor 😌 read the whole story on the blog! #1dapperst #MyGilletteShave #GillettePartner

@Gillette has always offered the most comfortable shave. With the new Gillette3 and Gillette5, you get that same shave for less than $10! Grab these brand new razors at your local @meijerstores. Link in bio for more! #MyGilletteShave #GillettePartner

When it comes to a smooth shave, your shave cream is just as important as your razor. Every guy is different, but for my shave, I've been using the @Gillette Series Moisturizing Shave Gel to soften my facial hair and maintain my skin's natural moisture for a smooth and close shave. Bonus points for the way it leaves a fresh scent and keeps my skin feeling hydrated post-shave. That's why it works for me! Check out my link in bio to see what products might work best for you #MyGilletteShave #GillettePartner #OneSizeDoesNotFitAll

Ever wondered how to get the perfect shave? I had the chance to chat with a @gillette shaving expert, results on the blog today 😉 #MyGilletteShave #GillettePartner

¿Ya conocen la nueva campaña y los nuevos kits de @gillette? En el blog les dejé toda la info de “Lo mejor para el hombre”, una campaña que nos muestra las rutinas para llegar al éxito de grandes deportistas. 🙌 #GillettePartner #GilletteInsider #MyGilletteShave

You know we had to get in on that #NationalLookAlikeDay action! Thanks to for celebrating our similarities – and differences – at their “One Size Does Not Fit Every Man” event last month! #MyGilletteShave #GillettePartner

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