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Looking kind of strange, but running fast like an arrow, the BMW #WR500 rekord bike of Ernst Jakob Henne. #MuseumMonday #bmwmuseum #bmwwelt

#museummonday (from the weekend). #kerryjamesmarshall was incredible. Still needed a #rothko brain-soak before leaving.

Tonight at 6:00PM, #21cOklahomaCity is pleased to welcome New York-based artist James Clar to discuss his site-specific installation, River of Time. Inspired by the history of assembly-line production, River of Time uses conveyor belts to provide a material link to the building’s history as an assembly plant, while animating the passage of time and the transformation of the environment. Clar uses technology as a medium to critique the dis-associative effects of technology itself, and to explore intersections between data-driven techniques and natural phenomena, human emotions, or current socio-political conditions. Event will be held in Gallery 4. Free and open to the public.
Pictured: James Clar (American), River of Time, 2016. Mixed media, including conveyor belts, motors, acrylic panels, LEDs. @_james_clar #21cmuseum #museummonday #oklahomacity

“I too was an Impressionist… But I wanted to make out of Impressionism something solid and lasting like the art of the museums.” – Paul Cézanne

This week’s #MuseumMonday features Cézanne’s “Maison Maria with a View of Château Noir,” c. 1895, which Acquavella sold to the @kimbellartmuseum in 1982. In this landscape, painted near the artist’s native Aix-en Provence, Cézanne employs the characteristic “constructive brushstrokes” of his mature period, building dimension in his forms through subtle gradations of color to create a “harmony parallel to nature.” #cezanne #paulcezanne #acquavella

It has truly been an honor working with the team at MOHAI, The Museum of History & Industry, to redesign and develop their new site. In addition to the new site better serving the needs of their staff, it also better serves the public – there are new ways to engage with MOHAI‘s impressive collections, exhibitions and community programming. In building the site and designing the experience and aesthetic, we took inspiration from the excitement of being at the museum.


#museummonday #mohai #builtbycivilization #museum #webdesign
Home page drone video: @teamsmarthouse

James Lynch was 22-year veteran of the #PAPD. On 9/11, he was at home recovering from surgery but left to respond to his command at the #WTC. His cap, with his badge number written on the tag was recovered from Ground Zero and later donated by his family to the #911Museum collection. #MuseumMonday 📷 by: Michael Hnatov
Gift of the family of PAPD Officer James F. Lynch


Learn about the culture of Chief Calvin Craigan at Tems Swiya Museum #MuseumMonday #Aboriginal #ExploreBC

Affacciarsi a una finestra qualunque e trovare questo 😍

You guys are doing a great job out there keeping the memory of a great Command (SAC)🇺🇸 It all depends on the Commander of these Major Commands. Some of the best I worked for was Gen Dutch Huyser - Gen Ronald R. Fogleman - Gen Joseph J. Nazzaro and Gen Curtis LeMay. Hope to stop by and see your great Museum in the future.
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"This student wore the perfect shirt to explore the four forces of flight during today's outreach at an area elementary school. #museummonday #flight #STEM #omahapublicschools #outreach #lift #drag #thrust #weight #forcesofflight #museumoutreach #dressedtoimpress"

The museum I work at was named one of 30 finalists for the 2017 National Medal for Museum and Library Service awarded by IMLS. This was my little blurb to share my story with them online 😘❤ "I've been working in the #ingenuitylab at the #lawrencehallofscience for almost a year now and the work I've done here has really shaped my goals as an educator. I remember reading Cosmos by Carl Sagan, watching people like Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson, and thinking that I wanted to be a science educator and communicator. I didn't really know what that looked like until I started working here. The Hall has really given me a sense of purpose while I'm at Cal and inspired me to ensure math and science become more accessible--especially for girls of color who need role models--and to create opportunities for hands on learning that is both fun and meaningful." - Dora Medrano, Applied Math in Quantum Mechanics major, Senior at UC Berkeley ❤❤❤ @us_imls #museumeducation #museummonday #nationalmedal #shareyourstory #sciencecenter #matheducation #scienceducation #bestjobever

Learn about the Townsite Heritage Society of Powell River on your #HistoryMonday #MuseumMonday #PowellRiver #Explore

John Erickson, Director of Digital Theatres at the #lawrencehallofscience talks about what his work in the Planetarium means to him: "For me the Hall has always been a place for sharing science and math, sharing ideas about ways to communicate science and math, and doing it in a way that is meaningful and enjoyable to keep people engaged with what’s around them." 🌙🌠🔭 @berkeleyscience @us_imls #museummonday #museumeducation #planetarium #shareyourstory #imls #nationalmedal

Amanda Nguyen, School and Family Programs Daily Operations Manager, and Flora, the Crested Gecko, tells us what the #lawrencehallofscience means to them: "The main goal since I have been working at the Hall in the education department is to create a positive association with science for kids. I don’t really care so much about them leaving my class remembering all of the facts and the concepts that I taught them. I want them to walk away thinking that science is fun, I can do science, and it’s not scary- to leave with that positive association of science. That’s what’s really important to me about working here at the Hall. That’s always been my main goal being in the education department." ❤❤❤ @berkeleyscience @us_imls #museumeducation #museummonday #nationalmedal #scienceducation #imls #shareyourstory #scienceeducation

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"The Hall represents a sense of community and a place for continuous learning, exploration, and opportunities."- Celia Castillo, Research Associate (Research Group) @berkeleyscience
@us_imls #lawrencehallofscience #nationalmedal #imls #learning #shareyourstory #museumeducation #museummonday

Spent the day working on wall labels for #insideherclothes Part of that involved staring at the inside of this c. 1890s dress for a very long time. I also may have talked to it a little 😅
#detailoftheday #19thcentury #fashionnerd #fashionhistory #costumehistory #museummonday #museumcollection #waiststay #boning #sewing

C'est mon musée préféré à Paris. I fell in love with #impressionistart 🌀#museummonday

Happy #NationalVolunteerWeek! Our volunteers contribute their expertise & talent to improve lives in the community. And countless hours to promote the power of #sport! THANK YOU! 🙏 #NVW2017 #volunteer #olympics #museummonday #museum #mondaymotivation

#MuseumMonday: conquering the world, one museum at a time

⚪️ | ⚪️ #museummonday #NYC #vsco

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