Demand for cupping has grown since Michael Phelp’s debut in the 2016 Olympics. Select providers at Proformance Rehab currently offer this particular treatment. Contact the office if you have any questions or are interested in scheduling an appointment.

Mead came to the Bronx today! She helps me with some of my weaker muscles with #muscleactivationtechnique changing Ali one #nerve at a time @cmeadjacksonphotography

Getting my MAT on today @theinstitute_co ! Activating my glutes is a real thing guys. I'm still not totally comfortable talking about it, but I hear it from so many people more and more.. What if we could activate our muscles to reduce our risk for injury? Not only that! What if we could activate them to utilize when we lift? Then we could get even stonger! It's like waking up a whole new group of muscles to get that next 10 pounds up! Man, my job is so cool. ♥️♥️♥️ #muscleactivationtechnique @muscleactivationtechniques #muscleactivation #addressyourweaknesses #denverstrength #form #technique #strongbodystrongmind #layingdownishard #fallinlovewithhealthy

Meet Sucia, my new office plant 😍 #actionjacksonactivation #muscleactivationtechnique #💪

@shuaisoserious & i collaborated to bring insights and shine some light on Gua Sha (scrapping) and MAT (muscle activation technique), prior training and as a muscle recovery protocol to improve, range of motion, mobility and muscle connection, this techniques benefit me personally at a scalable level, especially when i hit plateau or feelling inhibition in my range of motion which will lead to muscle strain down the road if not treated, and no one wants that to happen.
Professionally, I have been implementing these two techniques and more into my clients routine, and by far 95% of them, have noticed a huge difference in their form and performance.
Full video will be up on Monday, on IGTV / YOUTUBE / FACEBOOK.

Glad to announce our new Webinar about the Hip Pivot Fundamentals. The hip pivot or hip rotation is a fundamental movement in your golf swing. Muscle Activation Techniques increases hip flexibility and strength producing better trunk and shoulder rotation resulting in faster clubhead speed in your golf swing.

Is anyone familiar with Muscle Activation Technique (MAT)?
It is design to assess and improve the muscle’s ability to function, the body’s range of motion and joint balance. It’s also, a non-invasive approach and a great way to get the muscle going to fully maximize its function. Think of it this way, when your muscle can’t stabilize the joint because it’s too weak. The brain sends signals to the other muscle around the joint to tighten up so that they can keep the joint safe. MAT specialist can fix that by evenly working the muscles and finding ways to improve the weak link.
Find an individual that specialize on MAT in your area to get a full understanding.
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❓⬆️"Hey Diane, what is MAT?" ⬆️❓
Read above how Diane, the MAT Master, explains Muscle Activation Technique and why it's so essential to keeping our bodies healthy and strong!
Diane Villar is the only ‼️Muscle Activation Technique Master/Specialist in Long Beach, and her passion for understanding muscle function all began during her years as a competitive body builder. Check out our previous Insta posts about her body building journey! 💪🏅
Comment below if you've had a MAT session before, and how it helped you live your best life! 👏👏👏Tag a friend who you think should learn more about MAT!
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Y’all know I love to lift heavy things. Y’all should also know I just completed my MAT internship. It could not have been done without the guidance from Karina @exercise_intelligence and her faith in me. Karina played a CRUCIAL role in taking care of my #grandmahip , and was sweet enough to feature me in an article for Exercise Intelligence. Go read it (bc you need more of me lifting in your life, ha!) #exerciseintelligence #muscleactivationtechnique #roadtonationals2018

Ciclista, se le trato de dolor en area dorsal, deltoides, carga muscular en tren inferior acelerando su recuperacion y balance muscular, Gracias por la Confianza!!
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Tren Inferior ¡Cumplido!
Gracias @wasalud Angie Pineda por enseñarnos las tecnicas de activación muscular de Greg Roskopf... nos vemos el 16-17 junio para el Tren superior... si estas interesado en unirte a este equipo Elite en México Contáctanos al 8333.4826

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Call 403-278-1405 to book a free meet and greet with Sarah Kuindersma MATm, PTS

Do you feel like your daily movement patterns don’t feel quite right? Have you caught yourself saying man I feel old, or my body just doesn’t do that anymore?

Did you know you can change the way you feel and move? Active Sports Therapy is the only clinic in Calgary that has a certified Muscle Activation Techniques Master Specialist who specializes in helping correct poor movement mechanics.

What is MAT?

Muscle Activation Techniques MAT is an exercise based technique that assess and corrects poor movement patterns and inefficient neural muscle firing within the body that can contribute to poor posture, joint tenderness and muscular pain. Read more on our latest blog - link in bio. #mat #muscleactivationtechnique

Steve, a life long athlete, gave up running for 4 years because it was too painful. With muscle activation techniques & cold laser, the scar tissue in his leg was broken down and his achilles was able to heal properly. Now he is able to run everyday.

Well, do you?
Ok. We're going to level with you... When you schedule a complimentary consultation, we are interviewing and assessing you as much as you are doing so with us. In beginning work at Core Restore, clients are committing to a process, to a multifaceted approach to maintaining whole body health. This is how true, lasting results are attained. But as with most things in life, it takes dedication, time, and effort. Do YOU take responsibility for your health?

Let’s find out what’s really going on in there.

Calentamiento muscular -
Hoy te toca “piernas”, llegas y cargas la barra para empezar tu series de sentadilla y a la primera repetición sentís un dolor que te impide seguir ... qué pasó ? Te falto quizás de las cosas principales del entrenamiento que es una buena entrada en calor de nuestros músculos, que muchas veces están inhibidos de nuestros trabajos de oficina.. IMPORTANTÍSIMO PARA EL DESARROLLO MUSCULAR ADECUADO Y EQUILIBRADO EL CALENTAMIENTO Y LA ACTIVACIÓN EN CADA SESIÓN QUE DESARROLLEMOS! Una sentadilla sin una activación glútea y de nuestro core no trabaja del mismo modo ni nos desarrolla muscularmente de forma equilibrada !
En La foto vemos un buen ejercicio de activación de flexores de cadera como es el psoas iliaco, generando calentamiento en cuadriceps también. En este caso es una entrada en calor más especifica para el trabajo de tren inferior.

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