Some superheroes wear capes... others a lot of fur (and mud)! Who is your superhero and why? #LeCorgi #Superdog
#Ad - With 26 vital nutrients @vitabiotics #Superdog supplement contributes to us pups' overall well being, which is primordial to our health and happiness together with a good diet , exercise and the great care and love we all deserve... and it has a braised beef flavour too 😉 #Vitabiotics

I must go, my dinner needs me! #MudCel #OneWithNature

Make up, check!
Big smile, check! 😋
#MudCel #LeCorgi #DidItForTheGram
Some of you requested more muddy walks pictures in yesterday’s poll, and I like to please my audience... Enjoy! 😜
Maman @photobya4 taking over! April is National Pet Month, during which the UK celebrates life with their pets and we can’t wait to share a very special video tomorrow!
We love the amazing opportunities our social media adventure has brought to us (side note: it takes work, it doesn’t happen by luck or magic) and especially to with travel Marcel, but he is a dog before all, goes to the park most days, exercises and plays every day, and gets to roll in mud when he likes. To see him happy makes us happy... __________________________
And no, he doesn’t get a bath every time this happens because unless their have skin issues it’s not good for their skin or immunity system to be bathed too often (besides we live in the UK I’d be constantly bathing him). It’s ok for dogs to get muddy, and the corgi’s coat is dirt repellent so once dried it’s easily brushed off! If you’re obsessed with cleaning or do not like the outdoors I would recommend to think twice about getting a dog. #LetDogsBeDogs #NationalPetMonth

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