Join us this March for Voxcon 2019, where we’ve gathered some of the best creators and communicators in the world, in one spot, to share their insights with you. And yes, THE @jadabumrad will be there!! Jad is the host and creator of not one but two of our favorite podcasts, Radiolab and More Perfect. Using his background as a composer, he mixes dialogue, music, and sound effects into compelling stories that draw listeners into investigations of otherwise intimidating topics. Get your tickets now! #beyoubeheard #voxcon #radiolab #moreperfect #creative #communication #nyc

“ Here take a tissue, don't like you crying”😫♥️👌🏽 #hoeying #moreperfect

Listen to any good podcasts lately? A recent favorite is More Perfect, which discusses interesting and controversial Supreme Court cases. Would 10/10 recommend! ⚖️

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Thank you to @aishaburnsmusic for being our special guest! Your voice, your song will stay with all of us. #VotingRights #moreperfect

Happy Election Day! This morning, on my way into work, I decided to re-listen to Episode 4 of the More Perfect Album. This, in part, details the 19th amendment. In the short history of our country, women haven't had the right to vote for even 100 of it. That's less than half of our time as a country. I'm so grateful that I was able to vote this morning thanks to the people who fought hard to make this a right that I don't have to fight for. Now, I could post a photo of me and my sticker (and I still might) but, I'd like leave you with something bigger than that. I encourage you to listen to many of the episodes from this podcast that I am truly grateful for, but, today, listen to episode 4 and be thankful for your opportunity to make your voice heard on this election day. Thanks to all of the suffragists who fought hard and a special thank you to Harry Burn and his mother, Febb Burn. Now, get out and vote!
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When someone asks how you came up with a name for your car, you can't remember but just had it as a list of names... I couldn't be more pleased when I randomly and suddenly remembered I heard it recently on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and then had to look it up to be sure, and became giddy that it I completely forgot it was Gina's heater 😂🔥#soundon🔊 #moreperfect

Is order more perfect than chaos or is chaos a higher form of order?...
What’s your style?
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I can’t separate the act of voting my from all of the history that has made it possible for me to walk into a polling location safely and fairly, and to vote without discrimination. This has not always been the case for Black Americans. It is still not the case for many people of color around the country due to strategic breakdowns of the protections passed in the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The story of my simple walk to city hall today began in 1870 with the passing of the 15th Amendment, which granted Black men the right to vote for the very first time. I wrote a song about this amendment for a compilation album about the constitution curated by @wnyc podcast More Perfect. I talk about the amendment and my inspiration for writing the song on the most recent episode of the podcast. Link in profile. I voted today. You can, too! Please vote! Early voting in Massachusetts runs through Nov. 2nd. #MorePerfect

My head is still spinning from the opportunity to make things for @wnyc @radiolab. If you missed the trailer for the new season of More Perfect last month, here it is again! Also, if you aren’t familiar with the show, I highly recommend you check it out. Very important, especially during these crazy times. 🙏✒️📽 #Fbf #illustration #animation #radiolab #moreperfect #wnyc #npr #supremecourt #amendments #constitution #freelance #thankful #jbuscartdrawings

Hello, you guys, my friends, fellow voters! Here's today's get-out-the-vote illustration. I'm doing one a day through Nov. 6th. Feel free to share.

I just read that Oregon ranks first in the U.S. for ease of voting. Yay Oregon!!! I've been shocked by the state governments passing restrictive voting laws in blatant attempts to suppress the vote. I'm researching groups - like the ACLU, The League of Women Voters, and Common Cause - who are fighting back. If you know of such a group, leave me a comment. If not, that's okay, you can just leave me some love (and, of course, go vote). ❤️.
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Caption This. #MorePerfect

Sloppy, “Lazy”. Really that could be said. Urgh here’s the audio, I wrote this before. Let’s see if it confuses you. They say the mind can not remember pain. In that you can not in your own reproduce the same feeling of a pain you’ve once had • smells. Marriage. One of the reasons I thought that I would marry the mother of my child despite all the reasons we shouldn’t. Our astrology no matter how you look at it from West to east says ... ummm at least. Read a previous post for current examples. So one time I vomited violently and loudly, washed my mouth out with mouth wash and brushed my teeth and thought the woman who would become the mother of my child would exit, I even hinted at it, and we proceeded to “fall in love” . At a different point in time I would bath and put to bed the woman who would become the mother of my child and then proceeded to clean up the worse smelling vomit I have ever experienced in my life. I once while working at a strip club, making decent money for my time, and a stripper I had a crush on worked there too, quit that job because they asked me to clean up 🤮 and the only reason I didn’t is because there were lots of negotiations including I’ll pour powder on it and that’s about it? I don’t remember. So here I am, I planned a like omg please can we do this afternoon on impromptu. So we get wine and cheese and bread and I’m like yes let’s enjoy this. But it’s getting to just wine and I kinda’ think how this goes ... so now I’m cleaning up 🤢 and not just vomit, smelly expensive variety of cheeses vomit paired with vine and did vodka get involved, I don’t remember. I actually factually can’t remember the smell of that vomit which I do remember at the time it took everything in my power of love for her to not just leave. I mean me, the supposed asshole if I leave, I just wanted wine and cheese and maybe kqed, order in some pizza later, impromptu if we feel like it. Urgh 415-381-5008 I don’t know why I have that number memorized, have we talked? Apparently not because I’m cleaning up vomit as the person I love has just ruined everything, again. I’m crazy though right ? I mean let’s be real, I am also prone to randomly (cont’d )

#DollyParton is one of several #musicians featured on "27: The Most Perfect Album", a compilation #record celebrating the #USConstitutions 27 #amendments.

#Dollys song and the entire album is now available on #iTunes, #Spotify and through the project's website here https://project.wnyc.org/themostperfectalbum/
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Photo by Owen Sweeney

Gorgeous sloppy day off run through west Bragg with the Slants

live on @wnyc this morning talking amendments, bangers + sonic time capsules. thanks for having me @brianlehrershow ✨✨✨ #MorePerfect @radiolab

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