aaayyy here’s a supercut of some of my hand-drawn typography & a bit of animation I did for this insane @dollyparton video directed & created by the enormously talented Maya Edelman (@longunevenhair) for @radiolab. Had a blast drawing this stuff & making it work under a tight deadline that maya absolutely SLAYED. 💟 thank you Maya for giving me this opportunity- I am very grateful. ☺️💖 (my favorite element I did I think is the ribbon of curses lol) enjoy it!! Link in bio if you wanna check the whole vid 🙌🏻 #moreperfect

This morning's run brought to you by 27: The Most Perfect Album. School House Rock for the Constitutional Amendments. .
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Loving this new compilation album from @radiolab presents #MorePerfect! 27+ songs about the 27 Constitutional Amendments by 27+ artists! Featuring Dolly Parton, Kash Doll, Devendra Banhart, and more! s/o to our friends at @wnycstudios for doing something so original!

Hi! As of yesterday I have a new song out in the world! It’s a song I wrote for @radiolab ‘s #moreperfect podcast! They made an album to accompany their new season. My song was inspired by the 4th amendment and it’s true title is “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree”. I was inspired by a legal term related to the 4th amendment. Lots of amazing artists on this, please listen along with the new season of More Perfect! The album is available for streaming now!

It’s here! #MorePerfect just dropped an album of original music inspired by the 27 amendments to the U.S. Constitution by such artists as @DollyParton, @Kashdoll, @carolineadelaideshaw, @devendrabanhart, @TorresLovesYou and so many more.
PLUS, More Perfect Season 3 is out now.
Click the link in our bio to check out the album and to subscribe to the More Perfect podcast.
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So honored to be featured on @wnyc @radiolab #themostperfectalbum for the #MorePerfect Podcast about the 27 amendments✨We wrote the song for the 2nd amendment and are featured alongside iconic artists such as @dollyparton @devendrabanhart and @kashdoll 🎙❤️ To listen hit the link in our bio✨

It’s here! #MorePerfect just dropped an album with original tracks by @DollyParton, @KashDoll, @DevendraBanhart, @TorresLovesYou and so many more. PLUS, More Perfect Season 3 is out now. Click the link in our bio to check out the album and the podcast or go to Themostperfectalbum.org. .
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Happy heart alert: new episode (and season!) of More Perfect. One of the best podcasts out there and arguably one of the primary reasons I ever considered law as a viable career option; they were one of the first to reveal the fascinating world of law, and specifically the weird little tidbit that is Native American law that has now become my passion. #radiolabpresents #moreperfect #radiolab #moreperfectpodcast #lawschool #season3

Listen to @nnamdiog's contribution to "27: The Most Perfect Album," a kind of School House Rock for the 21st Century with songs about each Constitutional Amendment. Curated by @radiolab @wnyc and #MorePerfect. Nnamdi's song tackles the 15th Amendment (right to vote not denied by race). Featuting contributions from Dolly Parton, Devendra Bernhardt, They Might Be Giants and so many more! LINK IN BIO.

I spent a lot of my life-force making this thing

Give it a listen on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, wherever else you get your music or www.themostperfectalbum.com

S/o to all the artists and to the brilliant peeps over at @radiolab / #moreperfect who make great shit all day every day🖤

Jad Abumrad at UNT! Awesome night!!! #radiolab #moreperfect #wnyc

Our newest material is being released tomorrow! We're proud to be a part of @wnyc's #moreperfect podcast through the release of #themostperfectalbum along with @dollyparton @devendrabanhart @theoctopusproject and many more! #billofrights #firstamendment #schoolhouserock #theslants #scotus

~~ Algunas personas quieren el mundo 🌎 otras quieren el sol 🌞 pero yo sólo quiero un espacio en tú corazón 💓 porque en tus ojos vi 🤗 el lugar dónde yo quiero vivir, el resto de mis días hasta que tenga que morir 😊✨~~ #enjoythelife#littlemoments#makestheday#moreperfect#happydaytoyall😉

Dolly Parton sings a rousing anthem for the woman’s vote on More Perfect's "27: The Most Perfect Album"

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