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sometimes art is the best way to de-stress, it makes you focus on one goal, and when you achieve that goal, it makes a massive impact in your wellbeing•

@anacotordz for #mondaymuse | We go through social media looking for #hairinspo and invite people to the salon for a #Hair and #photos session. We don’t often do copperish tones but for some skin tones it just changes everything giving a spark of overall warmth.

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“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.” – Audrey Hepburn #mondaymuse

You might know her as Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, or as Eliza Doolittle in “My Fair Lady”, but before Audrey Hepburn [1929-1993] came to Hollywood, she helped fight against the Axis Powers during World War II.

As the child of a Dutch baroness and a British businessman, Hepburn spent most of her childhood travelling between Belgium and England. Shortly after World War II started [1939], the family moved to the Netherlands in the mistaken belief that the country, which had remained neutral and untouched during World War I, would not be drawn into the conflict.

Germany invaded in 1940, and by 1944 her uncle had been executed, one of her brothers was in a labor camp, and the other had gone into hiding. During much of this time Audrey studied dance at the Arnhem Conservatory, and this skill is what she put in to use to help the war effort. At 14, Hepburn was an accomplished ballerina so to help raise money for the Dutch Resistance, she danced in secret productions. As she famously said, “the best audience I ever had made not a single sound at the end of my performances.” Life was not easy during the war, and Hepburn suffered from malnourishment, acute anemia, and edema. When humanitarian aid finally arrived after the war, she was only 88 pounds. Her first hand experience with the transforming impact of international aid, spurred her into a life-long devotion to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador in 1989.

During her life, Audrey was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and is one of 15 people to receive an EGOT [Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, & Tony], and the first to receive it posthumously. While she never saw battle, she fought for freedom. #lestweforget #WW2 #actress #humanitarian #audreyhepburn #ufvtheatre @ufvarts

Our theatre #MondayMuse is none other than the Birthday Princess @lauraosnes ... Born right on the heels of #NationalPrincessDay, our Broadway Birthday Girl Laura (although she got her break starring on Broadway in Grease as Sandy after winning the #GreaseYoureTheOneThatIWant reality tv talent competition and has starred as #Bonnie in #BonnieAndClyde opposite @jeremymjordan and #JuliaTrojan in @bandstandbway opposite @naponacott) is probably best best known for originating the role of #Cinderella in @cinderellabway (the first ever #Broadway production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic musical, originally conceived as a television special and starring the incomparable Queen @julieandrews in the title role). She is also the mastermind behind the super successful @bwayprincesspty, which has developed over the past 3 years from a hit @54below Cabaret Show to it’s own entity/organization and is now out on a national tour with Laura at the helm and Fairy Godfairy @brauhala, Broadway’s #OG Jasmine from @aladdin @rhodesreed and the original Belle in @beautyandthebeast on Broadway (and voice of Meg from Hercules, which is rumored to be in development as @disneyonbroadway’s next stage adaptation) @iamsusanegan as her royal cohorts. There is literally no princess Laura can’t play #MakeItBroadway (as evidenced by these videos, Swipe 👉🏽 to see the evidence), because she is a Literal, Real Life #BwayPrincess. Happy Birthday Princess Laura 👸🏻 Long live your reign 💖

P.S. The @bandstandbway Pro-Shot starring #Laura was back in theaters thanks to @fathomevents tonight ... did you get a chance to check it out? Let me know what you think in the comments below 👇🏽 And as always, for all things theatre ... Turn to Paige Eight 🎭💖📰8️⃣💖🎭 #LauraOsnes #HappyBirthdayLaura #PrincessLaura #PrincessLauraOsnes #Princess #BroadwayPrincess #PrincessOfBroadway #BroadwayPrincessParty #BroadwayBirthday #HappyBroadwayBirthday #BirthdayPrincess #TheatreBlog #Blog #PaigeEightBlog #ForAllThingsTheatre #TurnToPaigeEight #PaigeEight

// Brigitte Bardot 🖤

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Juice time! Watermelon, orange and lemon! Perf combo if you ask 🍉

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