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Eliminate girl hate. Nuff said really. 💁🏼❤️👯 Edith's patch is by @bloodynorapam and I bought one for her 👧🏻, one for me 🙋🏼and (by request!) a pin for my mum 👵🏼who said, in her most British accent, "Well I think that's really bloody brilliant. Can I join the revolution?" Yes mum, yes you can. 🙌🏻
PLEASE 🙏🏻tag a small brand that makes you do a little happy dance! Tag yourself, whatever, please just pass the love on and let's make this a thread for small brands to shine. 🌟🌟🌟
I'd also like to throw some love to @minaandthemoon @daisybelledreams for being amazing brands that I am LOVING. ❤️❤️
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Dada's lame jokes get us everytime. .
Dress: @shoptobi #shoptobi

We are pleased to announce that we are potty training ambassadors for HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® and we have been having great fun (mostly!) while starting Littlest's journey to wearing 'big girl' pants full-time. With the help of their expert, child psychologist and mother of four, Dr Heather Wittenberg, @Huggies have pulled together the most practical and helpful tips to help your child feel confident with potty training. We have known that Littlest has been ready for some time, as she has been showing all 8 Signs of Readiness from the Huggies 6 Steps to Potty Training Success program.

The team at Huggies sent us a brilliant box of goodies to get us enthusiastic about starting our journey. (And my goodness, did it work. I think the bag and stickers alone will thrill Littlest for weeks to come!) Each item will help to support the steps in our potty training journey.

Check out our full post via the link in my bio.

#HUGGIESPullUps #6Steps #ad

Baba absolutely loves this new cushion I bought for our bedroom. Making himself comfy as if it is his own bed 😊 I was in town last week and we had a little retail therapy session at @tkmaxx 😉  I bought a lot of items for the house and Baba. Love this shop ❤️ So great to decorate the house! What do you like buying there?

Nakon duze stanke, napisala sam kratku kolumnu na portalu (link je pod bio👆). O cemu se radi... hm... o novim fazama kroz koje prolazimo.. ali ovog puta mi, kao roditelji, a ne nas mrvuljak. 😀 .
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Soaking up every last second of summer. ☀️🍦 Have you all gone back to school yet? We start up again in TWO DAYS!

Had so much fun lounging in this giant hammock and jumping into the ball pit in the @hivehome_US tent at Kitsfest on Saturday.
Check out more about my experience with Hive smart home on the blog (link in bio)
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Someone is tucked away and ready for 1st grade! She will kill me if she sees this pic❤️ #thankgodforbedtimes #mommymoments #mybabyisinalettergrade

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter. And those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Suess 🎪 .
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I cried happy tears today and realized something major. I understand now that my goals, my accomplishments, my anything means nothing compared to my son's. After many hours in the pool my 3 yr old baby tadpole can finally SWIM!! Seeing him in all his glory and doing so amazing filled my heart more than anything I've ever accomplished in my entire life. I'm so proud of you my son. Motherhood is the most rewarding thing 💗

6 years ago I took a step away from a career I loved — right into a career I loved even more. I know being a stay-at-home mom isn’t for everyone (and there are days I want to pull my hair out!), but it has always been for me. The plan was always for me to go back into teaching once Lila was in school full-time. Joel and I had no idea how we would make it work for me to be home while he was teaching and to be completely honest with you all, I worried about that daily that entire first year. The second I looked into those eyes, I knew I wanted to be home with her every day until she started school full-time.

Well… that day is here! I have spent every day with this little princess since she was born and TOMORROW she starts KINDERGARTEN!!! 6 years ago I took a step away from the classroom to be with this girl and tomorrow, she takes a step into it to experience every adventure that life has to offer.
It is not lost on me that it is only by the grace of God that I have had the absolute privilege of staying home with Lila and Olivia since they were born and tonight, when I lay down to sleep, a prayer of thanksgiving will be on my heart. I had no idea what was in store for us 6 years ago, but wow— did God know better!!!

She's actually looking at the camera!?! #toddlerfun #matchingoutfits #sortof #mymini #literally #ilovebeingamom

Woohoo! My @fabfitfun editors box finally came in the mail! Was so excited that I dived right in. Can't believe this box is valued at $359 and all I paid was $29. Such a steal! Swipe right 👉🏽 to see the goodies inside the box and swatches of @realhermakeup palette and @mannakcosmetics lip lock stain.
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Travelling with a baby or toddler to any destination needs a lot of planning from packing, scheduling flights, flexibility of stay, meal preps at the destination and things to do with a little one. Through my past travel experiences I am constantly learning and getting more and more comfortable with it. And to make the trek a bit easier on us I found this perfect and chic backpack/ diaperbag from @minakay.co 💕 Love that there are so many pockets to keep the things organized while staying handsfree in style . Check them out 👍🏻
What are your must have items in a diaper bag while traveling? I always keep my lip balm and hand sanitizer💕 .
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This was not feeling so good face Chase right before he projectile vomited all over the entire backseat and my daughter and my self, all while driving #mommymoments #ohmycarstinks ..poor Chase😷🙁

One last trip to our local library. Hannah chose to watch trucks out the window instead of looking for books!

Thick as thieves, these two. || Bennie's personality is realllllly starting to come out so I am soaking up the days of constant love and sisterly admiration, because times are about to change. Sweet as pie, that babe of mine, but "Bennett the destroyer" is about to really throw a wrench in Caroline's "I haven't had to share my toys for 4.5 years" life. 😬
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I'm the old school mom but I stepped out of my comfort zone and said yes to this little one's request for pink hair. Read my thoughts on why over on the blog. #girlmom

I had no idea that this online business would become what it has. I LEGIT only started it because I was NO WHERE near my own health goals and needed the accountability to get there 😬I was awkward, shy, from a SUPER small town, JUST moved to an even SMALLER town, had no social media following, no time, no experience- but I NEEDED to make a change🙌🙌 I NEEDED to stop crying in my closet because nothing fit. I NEEDED to feel more confident again. I NEEDED to feel like I was helping my family. I NEEDED the connection and community. So I just did it and EVERYTHING changed. I lost all the weight, changed myself from the inside out, and have build a successful business working part time in the little mom moments of life from my phone 📱 I get to help people all over the WORLD reach their fitness and health goals while not having to sacrifice time with my kids. I teach people how to make this a LIFESTYLE and change not only their life but their families ❤️ BONUS and I help people build their OWN business doing what I do. Freaking awesome 👏 I am so passionate about helping other women find themselves and be more present in their families lives while building their own TRIBE 😘 My life’s legit mission is to help others do what I get to do EVERY day. Message me 📲 or comment below 👇 if you are ready to break free, find your passion, and trust me to help you ❤️ -
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Tuesday workout is in the books!
This little dude got the hiccups during the last little bit so I had to pause it for a minute BUT once he was a happy camper again, I hit play 👊🏻
I could of easily skipped the last eight minutes but I have goals for myself and they won't happen by quitting!
If I can do it with a four week old SO CAN YOU!

I lived it for almost a year, and I see it daily...messy hair - don't careI#. I wear my misfits daily because that's my jam.... but I'm just going to throw this out there: TAKE SOME TIME TO FEEL PRETTY, go for curls, a fun eye and bold color and own it!! ______
Maybe I should give a lesson on my quick, easy, mom-makeup?? Gimme some love if you would want one?
#thenewmomstandard #mommakeup

Looks like she's ready to go! What else did you include in your hospital bag?
"Baby prep and hospital bag goodies....💛" - @raising.ellie.grace

Tonight James moved into a big boy bed. This is the first major Mommy milestone I've hit in awhile and this is how I got through it: I bawled my face off while folding up his knitted baby blanket our friend made us when he was born; I took almost an hour to make his bed so it was juuuust right; I then sat on his bed and relished the memories of every second leading up to that moment. And, now, I am drinking what I have leftover from the weekend wine even though it tastes a day too old. (In other news, James loved his new bed and is already asleep, so he's cool). #mommymoments

That face!!! Note to self... Oreos are very messy and cleanup time is easily an additional 20 minutes. Hide them!! 😂😂😂 The boys sure love them.. Henry likes to eat with his feet these days. Samuel, he loves to share everything even his messy cookies.♥️♥️♥️ Cute!!
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