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Do you know what I love most about balancing stones? That it looks impossible to many people. The really advanced stonebalances looks like they are breaking the law of gravity, and makes people think "Is this real? Is it really possible?". I love to awaken that feeling in people. Because we have a tenency to block ourselves from living and creating our life fully, because of all these things we think is impossible. In fact, everything is possible. We just have to open up our minds and believe in it.
With that said, I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Sending you all my love ♡
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Care for yourself as you would care for a young child. It is in this space that you will be well nurtured, unconditionally loved, and ready to pursue the things that truly fill your soul. As living beings we all intuitively know what it is that we need to do. We know the decisions that serve us best, and those of which do not. It is the denying of this intuition that leads us into uncomfortable, unsafe, and dark places. It is the trusting and acting upon this intuition that leads us to experience synchronicity and align with our truest self. Trust, befriend, & worship your intuitive knowing. Allow it to guide you through life's ebbs and flows. In this space you feel calm and peaceful knowing that you are being carried by your internal compass. ✨
📸 Photo by @katefruitflowers

My reaction to negative vibes.
All summer 17.

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Stretching by the pool at @gilitreehouse
I'm truly in love with this place! So many cute spots 😍
Swimsuit from @calzedonia
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Flashback Friday with my bb and mom in Death Valley - I miss that HJ61 but am stoked to be working with @yotaimports on my HDJ81📸 : @johnprolly
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flying on the great Meteoro with my drone.

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Listening to your body does not equal not listening to your brain. 👉🏻 More on that and why eating when you're not hungry is OKAY. Actually, it can be healthy and a part of intuitive eating. 👉🏻Link above in profile 👆🏻


Man I wish I could've been able to see these guys sing in person but I'm too young 😂 they were so amazing!😍✌🏼❤️🌈☮️ #amazing #art #lol #love #power #peace #peace✌️ #hippie #happy #memories #mindfulness #music #legends #icon #goodvibes #fun #funny #follow #dream #dreams #dreamer #dreamers #awesome #beautiful

Nonostante le tante,numerose,infinite difficoltà che si presentano quotidianamente,e le malelingue che a volte e invano si ostinano a voler creare zizzania,riusciamo a superare ogni difficoltà e ostacolo sempre a testa alta, sostenendoci a vicenda,più forti e uniti di prima.Vi amo👪♥🏠⚓💫❤
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Friday Feature time:  This week we're featuring @zimtchocolates - we included their Peppermint Nib'd bar in our Refresh and Rejuevenate box!  Zimt Chocolates is based in Vancouver and makes raw, vegan, and organic chocolate. In addition to their bars, which come in a lot of flavours, they also make drinking chocolate, chocolate covered caramels, macaroons, and chocolate popcorn. PC: @sunlightandair

Yoga in nature.

today would have been the 45th birthday of one of the biggest influences on me, my athletic practices, my mindfulness practice, and this business. though his candle snuffed out the moment of a full moon many years ago i like to take these days of equal standing to remember the man with me in this picture.

he was funny, hard-working, persnickety, strong, intelligent, and flawed - flawed deeply like all of us are. it was on the expedition pictured here that our conversations planted the first tiny seeds of what has now become my pregnant athlete work. it makes me proud knowing i continue to build on the knowledge about ultra endurance that we began together.

like I told my closest friend this evening: he has become the last drops of endurance in my legs, the wise hesitation on a climb, the safety practices when I’m rope soloing, and the sonorous voice i use when I chant. just as I have been gifted the opportunity of being a useful conduit for life entering the world, so too I have been for life leaving. what a good life I have.

💠tayata om bekhadze bekhadze maha bekhadze radza samudgate soha💠

Today was a rough and tramautizing day for both of us. The system designed to protect the most important asset to our future, being our children who are our future fails them, it's utterly exhausting and disgusting. But we must have compassion for those who blindly accuse us, we must pray that they receive insight to search themselves for what is right and find empathy and understanding for those around them.
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