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Wow 😳 How cute is this? Cotton Candy Drink! 🐻❤😜
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📷: @foodie.munchies
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Maybe you would like to try Something sweet for your Sunday lunch? 🥛🍩🍪🍫🙌😋
This freak milkshake with the peanut butter, caramel drizzle, ice cream, chocolate & cookies! Yes yes yes! 😋🙌 🍪 🥛🍫🥜🍯🍨😍🙌 Absolutely sweet and crazy taste! 📍 @burgertory.kew 💥 @hungrymate_au

Aquele momento em que AQUELA pessoa te chama para tomar um Milk Shake na Chiquinho: 😍❤️🍧 #ChiquinhoSorvetes #MilkShake

COCONUT PINEAPPLE SHAKE 😍 | Pineapple ice cream bar blended with a coconut ice cream bar, all bathed in chocolate and coconut shavings 🤤 | @paletasmorelia

Left or right? Happy vegan freakshake days with @hungrysydneysiders 😝💗🌈🦄 xoM #sweettoothforever .
Latest blog post on @snckbrofficial in Amsterdam. Yummy dinner indeed (and healthy began freakshakes too).


Осеннее настроение в выходной день лучше всего сочетается с чашкой бодрящего кофе ☕️или ароматного чая 🌥🌨🍁 #coffeeodessa #bricks #odessa #bricksbazarnaya #coffeebricks #dessertodessa #foododessa #milkshake #hamburgerodessa #drinks #shake #tea #croissant #lemonadeodessa #лимонад

Ovoboom & kue cubit (oreo batter, 3/4 done, ovomaltine filling)
#streetfood #milkshake #indonesianfood 📷: thefauxbarbie

Our girl @haylee_baxter on a recent photo shoot with @swaltersimages
Mermaid inspired hair by us!

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