As promised, the exclusive sneak peek at this 2-story, 3 bedroom/2.5 bath, gated, Lake Nona townhome! It’s available now, before it’s live on the market! 🏡🔑 #lakenona #forrent #townhouse

Apparently 2018 is all about trying a bunch of random new foods even though I’m supposed to be watching what I eat
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Tito has been busting his ass working at the shop for about a year and a half, and it’s about time we made some changes so he gets a better work/life balance. His days off have been Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, and effective May 1 they will change to Tuesday/Thursday/Friday so he gets a real weekend like the rest of us. The Friday night late shifts were cool, but must also come to an end. Those of you that have known me a very long time are aware that I am always tweaking and changing things so the shop is always its most optimal, and lately I’ve been focusing more on the comfortability and happiness of my team and that means everyone gets a set weekend and no one has to work late at night anymore. Thank you all for ten years of patronage, and anyone that’s been riding with me five years or longer, thank you for your input as I have been building this place up with the perfect people for the job.

This jaw dropping “le Blue Ribbon” fried chicken sandwich @se7enbites makes for aa award winning lunch in any language. Served with perfect french fries - but of course.
Ooo la la!

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Looking for something fun, artsy and educational for the kids this summer? 🎨🖌We will be hosting #DayofArt for elementary school-aged children on June 4, and for middle and high school-aged children on June 11. Learn more, and snag a spot before they're all gone! Link in bio.

I love living in a community where the local reverend blesses the locally brewed beer. ❤️🍺#thebest @therevsted @emmanuelepiscopalorlando @redlightredlight #orlando

MAUI WOWIE!!! IS THE SANDWICH SPECIAL!! (Bbq pork, smoked gouda mac and cheese, spam, pineapple and crispy jalapeno and onions) MAUI WOWIE!!! HAPPY FRIDAY
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STH SHOW #178-Chris Crespo Big ups to the homie @cinemacrespodiso for being weird as hell with us on last nights episode!! For our 178th show, we dive into all kinds of shenanigans including but not limited to the ever illusive Nicolas Cage, rips In the space time continuum, the good the bad and the ugly of film, and so much moreee but you gotta download and listen to find outttttttt 😉 • • • • •
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420 sale going down at @apogeegifts! Swipe left to check some new pieces, and stop by to grab a 420 sticker, printed by @rebelreprints, and check out their shop also, @echobasecollectibles out back while there! .
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Every 4th Monday of the month beginning April 23, @plantstreetessentials will be hosting a class on essential oils and answering questions about the oils. 🌱
This Monday is “Intro to Essential Oils” featuring @doterra essential oils. Head to @plantstreetessentials page for more details or stop on in to check out the oils yourself.

Shaped up this curly haired babe the other day 😘 Let me show your curls some love @studio105_saloninc ❤ 💇🏽‍♀️

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