🗣Just like that we're back. Monday Oct. 8 we have a special collabo with #HIDEXSEEK#MidnightMondays 🖤 to bring you DJs @sebcwestcoast @_djlemon @_djkeke + guest host @loveciararose 😎 We also got the team the @frontrvnners doing a pop up shop. FREE RSVP by clicking here 👉

▶️ @JazzCartier returns to #Vancouver, bringing the Fleurever Yours Tour to VENUE on Wed. Oct 17th 🥀 Tickets on sale on Friday at 10am via - venuelive.ca

Friendships and more at #MidnightMondays 🌹 you don’t have to say it twice 💕 Join us at Vancouver’s hottest weekly 📸: @jasondvaughan

Photos up on that @fortunesound fb page from this past #MIDNIGHTMONDAYS // check it out and tag your friends // come thru for the free chicken plug this monday along with a @philthyfinds pop up! // hmu for list and help me celebrate my birthday 2 days early 🎂🎂🎂 // 📸 @jasondvaughan

Photos now up from #MidnightMondays 💕 Catch us next Monday for Vancouver's favourite weekly R&B party! 🌹 📸: @jasondvaughan

from last #MidnightMondays!
Good luck in the TO @francisneil ! 😭❤️
Check out the R&B and chicken feels, full album on our FB page!
See you next Monday for another round of your fave Midnight fix 🌙😌
DM or EMAIL to get on the list!
📸: @jasondvaughan

Just another Monday Night ⚡️#midnightmondays

Ⓜ️Ⓜ️ #MidnightMondays Manic Las Night @fortunesound 🛫🇨🇦🛬 Safe Travels Yung @francisneil To Toronto 🤳 @jasondvaughan Ⓜ️Ⓜ️

#MidnightMondays dance party as we bid farewell to @francisneil 💕 homies @lechvnce, @_djkeke @nudevodkasoda @churchschickenbc apart of the fun! 🌹 Vibe out next week! 📸: @jasondvaughan

#MidnightMondays @fortunesound is GO!🔥 it’s bye bye @francisneil (DJ CLU) 😪 Also @lechvnce, @_djlemon & as always FREE Churches Chicken $4 Drink Specials #fortunesound #chinatownyvr

Submitted for the approval of the #MidnightSociety, I call this story.. The Tale of The Chinatown R&B Weekly 🌙😧
Let me know if you fwthis when you were younger, you’re cool and I wanna be friends

Halloween is just around the corner.
You know where we’ll be.
#MidnightMondays brings you “Are You Afraid Of The Mondays?” 🤫
Gather around as we turn tables, pass drinks and share stories you will never, EVER, forget...
Submitted for the approval of the #MidnightSociety, I call this story.. The Tale of The Chinatown R&B Weekly 🌙😧
Tales told by @mrchristianflores@_djkeke@_djlemon ⛺️🔥
GET ON THE LIST: bit.ly/midnightmondayshalloween

Submitted for the approval of the #MidnightMondays Society ⛺️🔥 We call this story the tale of the Chinatown R&B Weekly 👻⛩ Join us Monday, October 29th for our spooky R&B edition of MM with @MrChristianFlores, @_DJKeke & @_DJLemon 🎃 Are you afraid of the Monday’s? Limited free RSVP 👉 fortunesoundclub.com

#MidnightMondays is back again 🔥 it's also my man's @francisneil (DJ CLU) going away party 😪 Chunes come from @lechvnce, @_djlemon and @francisneil let's not forget Free Churches Chicken $4 Drink Specials 🍺

Message me for Guestlist 💯

R&B vibes all night at #MidnightMondays 🌹 free @churchschickenbc, $4 HiBalls/tequila plus we bid farewell to @francisneil 😔 Hit me up for list!

Come say hi (or bye) as we send off our homie @francisneil to the big 6! Toronto bound here he comes!
Vibes provided by the fam @lechvnce , @_djkeke and the man himself, DJ CLU!
Free @churchschickenbc as always, special bucket drinks and and your fave R&B tracks all night!
(Presented by @nudevodkasoda )
📸: @jasondvaughan

Monday is going off!
@fortunesound is starting your week off right! @catchavibevancity is back with Duel Of The Iron Mic II featuring local emcees @yaboikavi @dtourmusic @mamarudegyal and @candermusic with @liquidsunshinepodcast and @copaseticsoulz as your esteemed judges. I'll be in the mix with your hosts @holysockgang holdin it down. Doors open at 7 PM and tickets are only $10. HOLY! 🧦
Be sure to stick around for #midnightmondays as we say goodbye to @francisneil with an epic send off! As always, it's #Free #churcheschicken with R&B Vibes with your favourite DJ's @lechvnce and @_djkeke. Come show some love!
#vancouver #vancity #fortunesoundclub #localdj #dj #firespin #papasriracha #rnb #emcee #battle

@CatchAVibeVancity is back for an early show tonight featuring: Duel of the Iron Mic 2 🎤 With competitors @MamaRudeGyal, @CanderMusic, @YaBoiKavi & @DTourMusic 🔥 Doors 7pm followed by #MidnightMondays

🤪 out as it’s time to vibe at #MidnightMondays 🌹 Join us at Vancouver’s R&B weekly party ft. free @ChurchsChicken, $4 Tequila/HiBalls + our delicious bucket specials 👅 @LeChvnce, @_DJKeke & @FrancisNeil keeping the good times going ✨ Slide for free entry 📲 fortunesoundclub.com

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