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What a run! This was a half marathon located in one of #Michigans beautiful parks. It was a trail-ish, technical, gravel, hilly!, rocky type of run. A fun challenge & change of scenery from my typical boring flat road races. We ran through woods, fall foliage, bridges over creeks and rivers and the main route was around crooked lake. What started out as freezing cold weather quickly warmed up to sunny nice but still chilly day ☀️this half number 13 or 14? 🤔def seeing an improvement in effort where it feels easier, and in speed. Still got looks of work to do but pleased as to how strong I felt running through these trails today Alhamdullilah 😎 #runlikeahijabi #halfmarathon #puremichigan

30 Cumpleaños 🎂 🎉 👫 #millorcumpledelmon #family #michigans

te extraño un montón! #repost #michigans

Michigan's Adventure was too hype!! Gotta go next year fasho!! #michigans #adventure #rollercoasters

Throwback happiness #michigans

meet #michigans own #mostinteresting #architect in the #world visit us at www.kevinhartassociates.com and discover why

Buenos tiempos #Michigans 🍺

#michigans adventure🎢


Not all heroes wear capes, and not all beasts are tamed... #Belle #Fail #Oops #SeLeVinoAdentro #Campeon #Chatas #Michigans #Hashtag

***NEW BEER EXCLUSIVE***Recently we approached #oddsideales to ask them when these two incredible New England style #hazyipas would make their way to our area. We knew Odd Side made some incredible beer (shoutout #hipsterbrunchstout ) and wanted to see what they were doing with this #hazecraze . We were able to team up with @oddsideales and be the **first** to bring you these two beers outside of their #pub . The names on the cans are incorrect due to TTB restrictions on the word "doctor" but the product inside is still the same. Over the next two days we will be showcasing each beer individually; because that's the type of attention each of these deserves. Thank you @oddsideales for the incredible gift. We look forward to many more great #michbrews from you.
Turn on post notifications and follow our exclusive Odd Side Promotion. Check out our story for a sneak peek.

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JLloyd [1/3] "I bought my first microphone when I was 14. I pooled up enough money from working at McDonald's down the way from the trailer park where I lived with my alcoholic, mentally unstable mother. An Audix OM-2 from Guitar Center was the right microphone, it did what I needed it to do. This was 2004 and I had just become a freshman at a middle classed high school in the suburb of Flint, Michigan. It was my 3rd year in my 4th school district since 1995.
Over the summer of 8th grade, a friend from band class introduced me to Fruity Loops, a digital audio workstation. As soon as I got home, I downloaded the demo onto my mom's desktop and proceeded to spend the rest of my summer making some of the wackest, lamest sounding beats...I was getting somewhere.

After my 9th grade year came to a close, I found myself distancing myself from my peers as school and moreso drawn towards my family, particularly my father's side of the family. I felt constant pressure to be more "like them" and not the poor kid from the trailer park outside of town whose Mom was unstable and Dad was elsewhere.
I felt like I was being judged every step I took, every sentence I said, every thing I did. I felt that everyone knew I was different, that I was unstable and hurt, so I found refuge in music and hanging out with my older cousins and their friends. Because I'm naturally talented and dedicated to my craft, I found it easy to make friends around people who shared the same goals as me, to be a musician, no... even better, to be rap stars..."

30 Cumpleaños 🎂 🎉 👫 #millorcumpledelmon #family #michigans

Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief because I'll finally shut up about how badly I want poutine #poutine #michigans

#bball no one playing right now so I'm running #Michigans one down.. 😪

Y regrese a las desveladas con amigos , fiestas, convivios,playa,plaza para #quevallanydigan
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